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Islamic Laws on Women are still relevent

The debate on the position of women in social spectrum has been going on since centuries. It has assumed somewhat alarming proportions in certain matters. There may have been problems but at the same time it is a fact that some of the issues were over played.

Before Islam the contemporary civilizations were still considering, whether women could be regarded as a human being. Another misconception what the western media has, the women has no soul. In fact it was in the seventeenth century when counsel of wise men gathered at Rome unanimously agreed that the women had no soul.

No doubt the western women have today obtained socio-economic and Lego-political rights through hectic struggle which was carried on for over 200 years. But it is an open fact that after obtaining freedom the western women have lost her family life, peace of mind and even her honor and womanhood.

We are fortunate that we are Muslims; fourteen century back Islam has given women innumerable rights. We, therefore, examine objectively and coolly whether the rights so given in Islam are really adequate and relevant today.

In Islam accusing a women falsely is a big crime therefore, you require 4 witnesses. Now a day you see in the modern society men abusing women and calling them all sorts of name, they call them prostitutes etc and nothing is done. But in Islamic state if a man call her a prostitute in public or anywhere else and if she takes that man to court and in case man cannot produce 4 witnesses or even if he produces 4 witnesses and any one of them falters, all 4 will receive lashes and in future their evidence will be rejected.

In my view Islam gives utmost importance to the chastity of the women, in the presence of such rights in Islam can you call it out dated, and the rights given in Islam are relevant even today and will remain for ever.

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