Effective steps urged to curb growing environmental pollution

ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly Standing Committee for Human rights has expressed its deep concern over growing environmental pollution factor urging government to take effective steps to check the problem.

The committee which was convened by chairman committee, Riaz Fatiyana in Parliament House, was also briefed by federal secretary for food and agriculture regarding authenticity and effective quality of pesticide sprays, while the standing committee stressed on strict vigilance and continued upgrading of these pesticide sprays and other relevant chemicals; as any carelessness in these was causing problems for the health of masses.

The federal secretary for environment informed the committee, listed cement and fertilizer factories, textile mills, oil and gas wells, and brick kilns as main sources of pollution, while he also informed that only 10% of Nationwide garbage was collected, leaving 90% of it unattended, leaving masses vulnerable to many epidemics, like blood pressure and

It was also disclosed that 30% of underground water was potable, and 9.4 million vehicles plied the roads. It was also disclosed that there were 26000 mobile towers in Country, with most of them amid dense population limits.

The committee, expressing its deep concern over environmental pollution, stressed the government to tale effective steps to alleviate the problem, with immediate relocation of all CNG stations, petrol pumps, and mobile towers away from populated areas.-ONLINE

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