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Prime Minister terminates services of two NRO beneficiaries

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has terminated the services of Peer Mukarram-ul-Haq, Executive Director, Printing Corporation of Pakistan w.e.f 8th September, 2004, the date of his conviction by the Accountability Court. Peer Mukarram-ul-Haq was a beneficiary of the NRO. All benefits availed by him in the form of pay and allowances would be recoverable from him.

The Prime Minister has also terminated the contract appointment of Mr. Sadiq Ali Khan, Managing Director, Federal Employees Benevolent & Group Insurance Funds, under the Establishment Division w.e.f. 14-08-2009. Mr. Sadiq Ali Khan, a former officer of the Utility Stores Corporation, was also a beneficiary of the NRO.-SANA

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  • WELL DONE PRIME MINISTER PAKISTAN. The Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan has already passed a detailed judgment over NRO and the fate of beneficiaries of NRO stood cleared. From the attitude of government it appears that it intends to float the said decision. The Government should have taken the action there and then and should not have waited for such a long time. Now it does not lie in the mouth of PPP government that the judiciary is partial as the said decison was not against particular class of people rather it involves not only politicians, leaders, but beaurocates also. Although the Prime Minister has terminated the services of two beneficiaries of NRO, yet there are hundreds of other politicians and Officers who have availed this benefit. Then why the P.M is hesitant to take action against them. The failur on the part of the P.M shows that he is helpless or at least claiming himself to be Chief Executive is receiving the list from the President and then on his direction he is working on pick and choose. Mr.Prime Minister, from your innocent face, I believe that you intended to so for Pakistan but why you are reluctant. Please put this country on right track and ignore any such direction which may bring a slur on your fair name. Your name will be remembered in the history. It is the same judiciary which faced a dictator and because of it, you and your allies could be able to enter into this democratic process. The credit had already been given to you that you had restored the judiciary through an Executive Order. It also does not lie from your mouth to say a single word about your Executive Order because it was the right decision which was not only accepted by the whole nation but stood appreciated all over the world. Mr.Prime Minister, I am neither a man in authority but could only express my views and I am writing from the core of my heart, that don,t wait the final verdict of the August Supreme Court of Pakistan qua the implemention of decison made on NRO, rather you should take stern action against those who get benefitted from NRO. If they would be innocent, they would definitely be let free from the concerned courts.
    SA Chaudhary