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Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists for formulation of code of ethics for safety of media teams

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) has exhorted upon the political and religious parties and groups to formulate “Code of Ethics” for ensuring security and safety of the media-persons while performing their professional assignments within the country and abroad as well.

Expressing grave concern over the rampant trend of intolerance and attack on media-persons by various groups and political parties within the country and abroad PFUJ said it is the duty of the organizers of the functions or protest rallies and marches to ensure security of the media persons.

Referring to a recent incident of thrashing media teams at Pervez Musharraf’s public meeting and PML (N) demonstration in Manchester the other day the PFUJ asked the leadership of both the parties to take action against those responsible for the incident.

In a statement issued here on Wednesday, the PFUJ said that the attacks on the media persons during professional assignments have become order of the day.

PFUJ pointed out those senior journalists Nadeem Siddiqu, Murtza Ali Shah, Farooq Shah and Azahar Javed were allegedly tortured in Manchester by the supporters of Pervaiz Mushrraff in a public meeting and in PML (N) demonstrations without any provocation and justification.

PFUJ contended that it is universal practice all over the world that journalists are being facilitated in discharge of their professional duties, but it is very unfortunate that instead of providing them assistance the Journalists are targeted, assaulted and tortured. Such uncalled practice is very dangerous and indicates menace of incidents of scuffling the media persons especially Pakistani being witnessed frequently.

PFUJ said that to arrest such condemnable act the political parties should ponder and seriously provide training and abreast to their hardcore deputed for organizing the public meetings or demonstrations. Such organizations should also have full awareness of providing “conducive environment” for the coverage and safety of the journalists.

The complex of the reporting with the advent of the electronic media and new emerging trend for the coverage has altogether been changed and there is need that all those stake holders who frequently interact with the Journalists – hold demonstrations, meetings, protest, and other activities should also formulate SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for the Journalists keeping in view of their security and coverage without any interruption, the PFUJ argued.-SANA

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