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U.S Heavy spending in Afghanistan; security threat for Pakistan

General David Petraeus has ordered a reform of security contracting in Afghanistan and warned that spending large amount of money without enough oversight could unintentionally feed corruption and insurgency. Pakistani government 10 days ago suspended US and NATO supply route crossing at Torkham after a cross border strike which was a security risk for Pakistan.

Since US and NATO took responsibility of the attack and apologized, the government of Pakistan after assessing the security situation in all its aspects has decided to reopen the NATO/ISAF supply from the Pakistan-Afghanistan border of Torkham with immediate effect. Our relevant authorities are now in the process of coordinating with authorities on the other side of border.

The role of Pakistan Army in the war against terrorism can not be ignored. The overall sacrifices of Pakistani Nation to restore peace in the world, and their determination to fight the war against terrorism would be remembered forever.

In my view considering the involvement and popularity of Pakistan Army in FATA, General David may contact President of Pakistan and Army Chief. Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani is a thorough professional and Mr. Zardari a seasoned politician, they should sit together and find the way to fight the terrorism and control militancy in the region. Pakistan has human resources they are cost effective, talented and trustworthy and if required Pak Army can train them. In return US will save large spending on contract force, and have foolproof security in the region.

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