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Police baton charge leave one dead during Watan Card issuance

NAWABSHAH: In a tragic incident, atleast one person died due to the baton charge by police to control the unruly flood victims’ crowd during issuance of Watan Cards here Tuesday. Three others sustained injuries in a stampede, occurred.

According to details, during the distribution of Watan Cards at D.C. High School, Nawab Shah, few flood victims tried to enter by jumping over the walls which created vast disturbance in the crowd.The police started aerial firing and baton charge to control the unruly crowd which turned the situation graver while people started to run disorderly for safety.

The stampede claimed life of a 45 years old person while three others sustained serious injuries. The dead body of deceased and the injured have been moved to P.M.C. Hospital, Nawab Shah.-SANA

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