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NRO implementation: SC returns report filed by NAB with objections

ISLAMABAD: Detailed report filed by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in Supreme Court (SC) Tuesday duly signed by NAB new chairman Deedar Hussain Shah in respect of implementation of NRO verdict has been returned by the apex court with objections that no affidavit by new chairman of NAB has been attached with the report.

Report said 150 cases had been reopened in line with SC December, 16, 2009 verdict. The report also contains the details on action taken by the government against the NRO beneficiaries. The present status of the cases initiated against the NRO tainted persons in their respective institutions is also laid down in the report.

Replies to the questions raised about the implementation of SC verdict on NRO during the previous hearing have also been included in the report. Details pertaining to Ahmad Riaz Sheikh, Adnan Khawaja and other NRO tainted persons are part of the report. The report carries the details about the off shore accounts and the cases pending in other countries.

A 17-member larger bench of SC presided over by Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry will hear the case pertaining to implementation of apex court verdict on NRO on Wednesday. Earlier the SC had rejected government plea for changing its lawyer in NRO review case and refused to allow more time to government. The court had decided that the case would be heard on October, 13.

The government through its petition had taken the plea that Kamal Azfar , counsel for federation had been appointed as advisor to Prime Minister and due to this reason he could not pursue this case under the constitution, therefore, more time be allowed to government to appoint new counsel. Government has once again decided to file appeal plea in the court after its failure in seeking time through first plea.

Law ministry is facing emergency situation due to hearing of NRO case and the ministry has issued directives to Attorney General (AG) and other lawyers of federation to make full preparations for October, 13. The law ministry officials has stepped up efforts to devise new strategy following the rejection of government plea by the SC.

According to law experts if the government again files appeal to seek more time then the chances are rare that the court will be convinced to grant more time. Sources said that any possibility stands ruled out that government would send letter to Swiss government to reopen cases against president Asif Ali Zardari. Government will stand by its stance.

On the other hand a private TV channel has claimed by quoting official resources that after the dismissal of government plea by the SC about changing its lawyer in NRO review case possibility remains there that prime minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani will in person appear before the court and he is mentally prepared on this count. Official sources also said it would be a very surprising matter if prime minister appears in the court.

Sources told that if PM appeared in the court then he would present government stance therein. On the other hand government stands by its stance that it will not send letter to Swiss government to reopen Swiss cases against president Asif Ali Zardari.-ONLINE

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  • CONTRADICTORY STAND OF PPP GOVERNMENT ABOUT JUDICIARY. On one hand the Prime Minister Mr.Gallani had declared on so many occasions, there is no friction between the government and the judiciary and the government will implement the decision of the court in letter in spirit. While at the same time, the Law Minister Mr.Babar Awan openly shout that some Judges are carrying on interim injunction and his wording is very much clear that he is making speeches with malic and he is pregnant with grudge. Today on SAMA TV, an other leader of PPP Fouzia Wahab has very categorically opened her mouth with the assertion that the judiciary is selective and partial and she has also referred some case pending before the High Court, Lahore. She also tried to defend the President but she stood fully exposed as she could not satisfactorily explain about the cases lodged against Mr.Zardari. At the same time, I am constrained to think as to what kind of Rulers have been imposed upon us? The answer is very clear that we people have weak memory and we forget every thing and we vote the politicians without seeing their character, education and eligibility. Anyhow, he who thinks that he is to remain in Government is absolutely wrong and basis his thinking on hypothesis. The history is also very much clear on this point. I intend to apprise all those who have benefitted them from NRO or any other such like curse, for God sake, save Pakistan and do not try to destroy Pakistan just for personal gains, because the life is too short and if God has given you the time, avail it as the “time and tide no wait for one”.


    It is a matter of great concern that about 3 months back, the police of police station Sadar Sialkot registered case FIR No.426/2010 dated;10.8.2010 under section 365 PPC on the application of one Basharat son of Abdullah, resident of village Burj, Tehsil and District Sialkot with the allegation that the son of Basharat Ali namely Aqib Abbas was kidnapped by Saqib Raza, Amar and Nasir and on the said allegation the aforeasaid Saqib Raza etc. were arrested. It is interesting to note that the police in order to show its efficiency while in league with the complainant of the case had converted the offences to Sections 377 /364 PPC and while twisting the facts, showed that Aqib Abbas was abducted by Saqib Raza etc. and then they committed sodomy with him and thereafter committed his murder while throwing his dead body in a canal near Head Marala. The Investigating Officer namely Zafar Iqbal S.I had given his clear cut findings qua the sodomy and murder and thus made a report to the Illaqa Magistrate.

    Last night, the relatives of the accused persons had seen the alleged abductee/deceased and they apprehended him and handed over his person to the police of police station Sadar Sialkot. The police in order to save its skin intended to give a different colour and did not produce the alleged abductee/deceased before the court.

    TODAY the relatives of the accused had informed the learned Illaqa Magistrate and due to the timely and wise decision of the learned Illaqa Magistrate, the alleged abductee/deceased has been got recovered through the BAILIFF in pursuance of a warrant issued under section 100 Cr.P.C.

    It is the same police station in whose jurisdiction, an occurrence had taken place in village Butter, Tehsil Sialkot in which three persons were shot at in the first episode and in the second episode, two youth brothers were killed by a mob in the presence of the police and the then District Police Officer, Sialkot and other police officials and many private persons are facing trial before the Terrorist Court at Gujranwala.

    By showing a live person to be dead and showing in the record the gravity of the offence that the person was abducted, subjected to unnatural offence and then murdered while throwing him the canal, is a greater offence against the humanity. Three persons were arrested on the said allegations and they are behind the bars for the last about 2 ½ months. Although the police has shown a live person to be dead and submitted report before the concerned Magistrate showing him dead but due to the wise decision of the Magistrate, he has not opted to forward the challan under section 302 PPC. The law is to take its own recourse, yet what for the police highups are sitting over here. Apparently innocent persons are facing the agony and were sent by the police behind the bars while in collusion with the private persons so as to achieve their ends.

    The police officers, officials, complainant and witnesses who all are concerned in this case are liable to be prosecuted and deserve exemplary punishment.