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NATO helicopters again violate Pakistan Air space

CHAMAN/ RAWALPINDI: The NATO helicopters again violated Pakistan Air space near Pak-Afghan border, Chaman here on Tuesday while Frontier Corps and Pak Army has denied the incursion of Pakistan air domain by NATO helicopters and said that it was mere a technical fault.

As per details, two NATO helicopters flew well into 200 meters inside Pakistani air space near Pak-Afghan border in Chaman. After flying in Pakistani air space for several hours the NATO helicopters flew back to Afghanistan.

When FC and Pak Army was contacted in this regard they denied the violation of Pak air space by NATO helicopters and developed stance that it was not intentional violation but usually helicopters unintentionally transgressed into 50 meters, it could be said technical violation. FC sources said that the Nato helicopters come on zero point and went back.

It is noticeable to mention here that NATO had give written assurance to Pakistan that it would never again violate Pakistani air space.

Pakistan had closed all routes for NATO supplies after three soldiers were killed in an aerial strike by NATO forces. It was only after formal apologies from the US ambassador and the US military chief that Pakistan decided to re-open the routes. During the closure period, more than 150 NATO oil tankers were destroyed in militant attacks and at least ten people were killed.-ONLINE

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