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Position of Women in Islam

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Women has been given dignified position in Islam, it has been said in Holy Book that women shall have rights similar to the rights against them. The debate on the position of women in social spectrum has been going on since centuries.

We, Muslims do not forget that on the Day of Judgment, each person will be called not by their father’s name but by the mother’s name. The Almighty has given this honor to women, and every man on the earth should respect the honor given to women

There is a misconception about Islam that the Heaven in Islam is only meant for the male and not for the female, but the Holy Book refers “whoever does deeds of righteousness, wither it be male or a female and has faith, they shall surely enter Heaven and not the least injustice shall be done to them.” This removes all the misconception about women position in Islam.

In Islam man and woman have the same spiritual nature in Islam sex is not the criterion to enter Heaven, the only criterion for judgment in the sight of Allah is TAQWA “God consciousness” or “righteousness”

A woman in Islam if she wishes can work, it is not mention in Holy Book where religion prevents or makes it prohibited for a woman to do any work as long as it is not unlawful.

In my view the conclusions and consideration should be given on truth which can be proved. The consideration given in Holy Book is true and the rights given to woman in Islam fourteen centuries back are relevant even today.

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  1. Islam has given the rights and also dignified position. But problem is that these are not in practice. That why Muslim women condition is worse. To improve condition of Muslim women all Muslim should implement the rights given by Islam

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