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Politics and Media’s Role

It is widely believed that our political system had a weak basis since from its beginning. There could be many factors of this dilemma. But, our political leadership has never seriously analyzed the true causes of their failure or unanimously chalked out a strategy to maintain consistency of the system in a successful manner. On the contrary, they believed
in blame game to prove themselves as victims. It is well acknowledged that our politicians have bad repute of being
financially corrupt. Moreover, their performance on country’s economic progress had no appreciation.

No one ever finds them quarreling with each other with no positive outcome benefiting the nation. Their statements are meaningless. Their national interest is reduced to please the party president. Hardly, national interest gets priorities in their agenda. Presently same political tactics are being practiced as was ten or twenty years back. This can be changed, if public want to change these only. It was perhaps not possible earlier as public was not aware of realities of political maneuvering but now it is possible.

Perhaps, politicians still have misunderstanding that foolish people would choose them again, once they apply old political
gimmicks on them. But, it is other way round now. Electronic media in Pakistan has really changed the whole political atmosphere now. In other words, it has provided an opportunity to general public including women and children even, the awareness about reality. I believe that people would prefer those leaders in future who have potential to deliver something. Political leadership should now realize that they have to chalk out strategy with solid objectives to bring revolutionary changes on economy and development of our beloved country.

They must have guarantees for public that they have solution to the major problems faced by the public. I would emphasize on media that they should always prefer national interest in their programs/analysis so that people should not only understand its importance and use as motivation tool. India’s media and all political factions/parties, film stars etc are one on their national interest but we as an individual in every walks of life are not united on our national interest.

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