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Taxpayers number increases: NA told


ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Finance, Revenue and Economic Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar on Friday told National Assembly that number of taxpayers in the country is increasing gradually and that efforts are on to bring non-tax payers also under the tax net.

“I would differ that number of tax payers is on decrease. According to the data, the number of taxpayers recorded in 2009 was 2.3 million against 1.1 in 2005,” said Hina Rabbani khar replying to a calling attention notice.

She brushed aside the impression that salaried class is major contributor to the tax net rather other sectors too including corporate, importers, exporters and non-salaried class among the major contributors in this regard.

The state minister said the share of salaried class in tax net is decreasing as under the Finance Bill, the government has exempted the employee earning up to 300,000 annually from tax payment.

Abdur Rashid Godil, the mover, expressed concern that of 180 million population, only 1.9 million pay taxes to what the state minister said the government too admits that ratio is minimal. However, efforts are being made to enhance tax to GDP ratio, adding if the Parliament wants, the government may also impose wealth tax to bring the wealthier class under this net.-SANA



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