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Govt not to accept any violation of country’s sovereignty: Malik

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that Pakistan was ready to extend cooperation to the United States and NATO in the war against terror but will not accept any violation of the sovereignty of the country. He was winding up debate in the National Assembly Friday on adjournment motions relating to ISAF aerial attacks inside Pakistan resulting into losses of life.

The Interior Minister said NATO has mandate only in Afghanistan and they cannot make any strike inside Pakistan. They have been conveyed this message in unequivocal terms and they have understood it.

He said both the civilian and military leadership took up this serious issue with ISAF, NATO and visiting US delegations and consequently they have submitted an apology. He said Pakistan wants no repetition of the mistake in future, Pakistan and ISAF military authorities are investigating the incident.

The Minister said the ISAF has been given warning and they have given an assurance that this will not happen in future. Rehman Malik said Pakistani forces are capable of defending sovereignty of the country and in case of incursions in future they will use any option in response.

The Minister said the credit goes to the present government for taking up the issue with courageously with the United States and NATO. The way the Government has responded to the violations has put across a strong message that Pakistan is a self-respecting nation and knows how to defend its sovereignty. He said no country can tolerate breach of its sovereignty.

The Interior Minister said attempts are being made to destabilize the country under a well planned strategy and it is our duty to forge unity among our ranks to foil designs of the enemy. He said some elements are trying to pit Deobandis against Brelvi and Shiites against Sunnis.

Mr. Rehman Malik, while referred to yesterday’s bomb blasts at the Mazar of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi in Karachi, said the suicide bomber, named Masood, hailed from FATA. He said the law enforcing agencies have eliminated terrorists from their strongholds and they are now relying on targeted attacks. They are hitting Karachi as it is financial hub of the country and plays crucial role in national economy.-SANAnato

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