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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Civil Liberties message on the occasion of international Teachers’ Day

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Teachers should fight for the Restoration of self respect, against Injustice, Discrimination, and Violation of Human Rights

On occasion of the International Teachers Day Civil Liberties express its deep concern over the violation of human rights of teachers. The aim of celebrating Teachers day is to pay respect and to recognize the importance of teaching profession. But it is very sad to say that today this occasion has become a formality and nothing but mere rubbing salt on the wounds of teachers. In fact in South Asia or Sub-Continent the governments have handed over the educational system in hands of private sector and the total educational system is on verge of collapsing.

The relation between education, teaching and learning has tattered. Educational system under the pressure of private sector or Non Governmental Organizations and other departments is taking its last breath. Thus circumstances lead to a lost dignity of teachers’ dignity. The condition of teachers has become similar to a labour. According to information received to Civil Liberties, the behavior of administration and education department staff has become inhuman towards teachers. Teachers are insulted by them.

Admin Staff are unaware of meaning of education;status of teachers and without having educational background; hopelessly these low stature people are dominating teachers.

Every Government and bureaucracy consider teachers a blackboard. They carry all kinds of practice on these teachers. Teachers after going through through all insults  tend to lost their identity as spiritual father. Moreover troubles of Female teachers’ are unimaginable. They are exploited at every on every level. In fact the self respect of teachers is lot somewhere. Without self respect even a common man cannot lead his life, so how can a teacher who is intellectual part of the society, can spend peaceful life and fulfill his/her responsibilities.

Civil Liberties feels the degradation of society is part of privatization and globalization, further ruling classes of this sub continent are also equally responsible, because of them teachers are forced to lead their lives with lack of respect. Their own self interest is more importance to the leaders of ruling community. They are least bothered about the teachers’ self-respect. Under these circumstances, Civil Liberties appeals to all the teachers to fight for the restoration of their self-respect; they should raise their voice against the inhuman behaviour, exploitation, cheating and violation of their human rights, they should not keep quiet against injustice, and only then they can lead a respectable human life.

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Lateef Mohammad khanhttp://civillibertiesindia.org
Civil Liberties Activist from India,and working for the protection of human rights and civil liberties of all people.I am working to monitor, document, advocate, and educate about civil rights and rights abuses by law enforcement agencies and other Government and non Government agencies In In India
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  1. Yes teacher’s self-respect is under threat, and you have raised the issue for that I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks

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