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Thousands’ Pakistanis say “Arms down” during campaign

ISLAMABAD: Over 150,000 Pakistani have joined the ”Arms down” campaign in order to make the world a hub of peace. Raza Shah Khan, Executive Director, Sustainable Peace & Development Organization (SPADO) in a briefing here the other day told participants that “Arms down” campaign was launched across the world. He said it was aimed to raise awareness among the youth regarding adverse results of arms while Youth for Peace was make contributions in this drive.

He said that over 12 million people across the globe showed their will to disarm the world by joining this drive. He said that a achievements of the campaign would be presented to the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on October 04 and he (Ban Ki moon) will appeal the world to make it “:arms free”.

In Pakistan, he said that during the campaign they visited number of educational institutions and conflicted areas and got very positive response. He informed that almost 40,000 people from Swat, D.I. Khan, Tank and other conflict-torn areas have signed during the campaign. He termed it as a very positive and fruitful response from the people of said areas. He disclosed that 84% weapons in South Asia were being used by the civilians.

About the launch of “Arms down” campaign”, he informed it was launched in the Costa Rica because it was the only country in world which has no army. He added that people of Costa Rica are spending their lives very happily. He further said that during the campaign, number of people from Japan signed the document-banners of ’Arms down”.

Raza Shah said that $1.6 trillion across the world are spend on army while U.S share of the said amount is 47-48%. He added if only 10% this amount is spent on poverty, no one in the world will face hunger. He said that there was need to spend these funds on health, education and other sectors to make the world a center of peace. He sought the cooperation of media to make society arms free.-SANA


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