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Pervez Musharraf launches new Pakistan party

Pakistan’s former president and military chief Pervez Musharraf has apologised for “negative” actions particularly National Reconciliation order; he took while in power, as he launched his new political party, the All Pakistan Muslim League, in London. Mr Musharraf said: “I… sincerely apologise to the whole nation” for the “negative repercussions”. But he promised to raise the conditions of Pakistanis and fight a “jihad against poverty, hunger, illiteracy and backwardness”.

He said his All Pakistan Muslim League will take part in the Pakistani general elections planned for 2013.

Several of his associates arrived in London where the All Pakistan Muslim League was unveiled, reports said including Naseem Ashraf, Nisar Memom and Sher afghan.

Since he stepped down in 2008 under an impeachment threat and protests, Musharraf has been living in the UK. His return to Pakistan would be controversial, with some opponents wanting him tried for what they consider to be a treason, in his alleged violation of the constitution while in power. The former general could also be arrested and deported on arrival, as was done to political opponent Nawaz Sharif in 2007.

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