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Corrigendum/LHC Summons Advisor Ministry of Water and Power to prove qualifications, appointment

As strict policy Pakistan Times does not agree with the point of view of source and it is clearly mentioned in Terms and conditions.  News LHC Summons Advisor Ministry of Water and Power to prove qualifications, appointment Posted on 30 September 2010 was received by (Pakistan Economy Watch) email ( and posted By Mubasshir Nizam. Pakistan Times received this news fromPakistan Economy Watch and for confirmation the number of lawyer was also mentioned. Pakistan Times has established rule of not following any campaign maligning names of people. Thus on getting this clarification from Mr. Farooq Khan; Pakistan Times finds it appropriate to mention on this platform too to avoid any litigation.


1) The Advisor in question is a fully qualified Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. He holds a degree in Cost and Management Accounting and was educated in top British institutions.

2) He has been duly appointed by the Government of Pakistan and has an impressive track record as a consultant to the World Bank and CEO of several multi- national oil companies.

3) A previous case in 2003 had been intiated by certain disgruntled individuals in an oil company that Mr. Sattar had turned to profit of $100 million. The case was thrown out by the judge as Mr. Sattar was established innocent. A further civil case was registered by him against those individuals (names withheld) for damage to reputation and misuse of the court system. It is pending.

4) At present there are several projects that he has successfully completed and certain individuals are conspiring to tarnish his reputation to make up for their own insecurity.

5) The Advisor is infinitely more educated, experienced and professionally accomplished than all those individuals and their generations put together. His previous salary from the private sector and from international oil companies has been in many millions.

6) Whoever this “Mr. Asim Raza” is or lawyer Syed Kazmi is not even listed on any legal page, are individuals with a personal agenda who have probably been fired to due to corruption and cleanup intiated by Mr. Sattar in the public sector.

7) No notice has been issued by the court to summon the advisor and if this is the case in future then it let it proved in a court of law not for some Asim Raza to write about it.

Please ensure your content is checked for validity and authenticity before attempting to damage someone’s good name.

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Rubab Saleem

Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times


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  • Hi,

    I support this policy of Pak-Times.It respects the view of every individual without defaming anyone and it’s strict policy by the admin of this website.

    Everyone has right to write and share their views and it is not a responsibility of the admin to check whatever people are saying is correct or wrong.The proper justice is done by us i.e. readers as done by Mr. Farooq Khan and i would personally thank him for bringing this issue in front.

    Both Pak-times and it’s admin are responsible indentity, so it can be trusted that this web site is not for defaming anyone, but to bring the truth in front.






    Islamabad, 27th January, 2011: This is with reference to a news report aired by Dunya Channel on 26.01.2011 & reported by a section of press today, disseminating inappropriate material concerning this Ministry’s Advisor – Energy, Mr. Shahid Sattar on the basis of evidence lacking legal authenticity and details. The factual position is summarized below:-

    Mr. Shahid Sattar has been duly appointed as Advisor / Consultant Energy after WB Islamabad Office Concurrence Letter of 07th May, 2010 which states : “We have reviewed the documents attached with your letter, and based on the information provided, the Bank has no objection to the selection of Mr. Shahid Sattar as the consultant.”
    Thereafter a formal contract on 8th May, 2010 was signed between Mr. Sattar and M/o Water and Power as per PPRA Rules – 2004 (Regulation – 5) which empowers GOP organizations to enlist the services of a technical expert / consultant in line with the provisions of international treaties / agreements (herein WB’s negotiated agreement with GOP c/o Ministry of Water & Power).
    The Advisor – Energy holds the basic qualification of A Levels from London Examining Board UK, followed by Diploma in Accounting & Business from Brookes University, Oxford (UK : 1979). Additionally, he holds a professional engineering degree from Shirley Institute Manchester in power related discipline of textile engineering. Moreover, he has a Chartered Management Accountant degree / certificate from Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA, UK : 1981). Viewed against the requirement of career history by the hiring organization (herein WB & M/o Water & Power), Mr. Sattar has held positions of Management Consultant and Advisor in WB / US – Aid sponsored and numerous other oil and gas sector companies (1988-1993), Country Representative and lead Project Advisor BHP Billiton Company (2002-2007) at a cumulative remuneration package of $ 20,000 per month. Earlier to that he has worked as CEO of Orient Petroleum Inc and BHP Petroleum Ltd (1998-2001) as Commercial Director. Mr. Sattar holds the position of Advisor – Energy in M/o Water & Power since April 2010 to date in the wake of WB’s Concurrence Letter of 7th May, 2010.
    Mr. Sattar left WAPDA during 1998 because the then WAPDA Labour Union did not appreciate GOP’s package to reform and unbundle WAPDA’s entity into PEPCO and 08 Distribution Companies (DISCOs), focusing first leg of power sector reforms.
    According to available legal record of Islamabad Police in Report No. 385, dated 15.06.2009 that was terminated for want of legal support and evidentiary papers dated 01.03.2010, the charges leveled against him stand dropped / filed.
    Mr. Sattar’s current WB approved package after assigning him to M/o Water and Power is on lower side, and his existing TORs / professional duties include formulation of energy efficiency standards along with implementation mechanism, develop power sector coordination and planning mechanism and suggest improvements in existing framework / operations of power sector, focusing reforms and development as per GOP’s negotiated agreement with WB under the title of Electricity Distribution & Transmission Improvement Project – for which M/o Water & Power is the Executing Agency.

    It is regretted that certain media houses did not exercise the professional prudence of consulting WB, M/o Water and Power and the respected Advisor himself – as is usually done in public interest, and also in line with accepted ethical norms – before reporting one-sided material.


  • @Ms. Rubab Saleem.

    It is improper to make a comment about somebody whom you dont know.

    I am surprised by your comment about me. I am one of the lawyers against Mr. sattar in one of the three criminal cases of fraud against him and i was also contacted by Mr. Asim raza to file the instant petition against him in the High Court. Let me share one more thing that one of the political parties is also planning to file case against Mr. Sattar as I have been contacted by them too.

    You have all the right to defend Mr. sattar but you are in no shoes to comment about me. You are put to strict proof of allegation you made against me. I had no interaction with Mr. sattar ever.

    I shall appreciate that you please remove your comments about me. I am Advocate Supreme Court and practicing law since 1996.

    I am a professional lawyer and am not party to any controversy so please do not involve my name in any controversial things in future.

    Look forward to hear from you on this blog.