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Senators for suspension of NATO supply line

ISLAMABAD: Condemning NATO and ISAF forces for cross border violations, Senators on Thursday demanded of the government to take immediate action and suspend transit facility being provided to NATO forces in Afghanistan. On a point of order, Prof Khurshid Ahmed said that NATO forces were constantly violating borders and killing innocent people inside Pakistan.” It is a sheer violation of international norms and direct attack on our sovereignty,” he said adding “Our four soldiers embraced martyrdom in the attack by NATO forces. We have full right to defend ourselves.”

He urged the government to take military action against them as they were continuously violating our borders. Speaking on a point of order, Tariq Azeem asked the government to take prompt action and shoot down NATO helicopters violating Pakistan’s aerial space. He also requested the government to stop transit facility to the NATO forces stationed in Afghanistan. He said “attacks on Pakistani civilians inside our country are against our sovereignty”.

“Why action is not being taken as Interior Minister Rehman Malik assured that serious action would be taken?,” he questioned.

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