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Thursday, July 29, 2021

LHC Summons Advisor Ministry of Water and Power to prove qualifications, appointment

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Islamabad: The Lahore High Court Rawalpindi Bench on Thursday issued notices in a quo warranto petition challenging the appointment of Shahid Sattar, Advisor in the Ministry of Water Power, who manoeuvred to get himself appointed against the rules, regulations and norms of justice and fair play.

The petition filed by Asim Raza, through Syed Hasnain Ibrahim Kazmi Advocate, called for explanation from the respondents as to under what statuary of law he was holding this position. The court comprising Justice Mamoon-ur-Rashid has accepted the petition directed all respondents including Secretary Water and Power, Secretary Finance, Secretary Establishment Division and Shahid Sattar. Mr. Sattar has been asked to appear in person.

The petitioner has said that,

“it is submitted that due to the appointments of such incompetent persons the projects of the World Bank are either not completed or fail to achieve required results, causing a hefty loss to Pakistan and its people. The rationale behind it is that such loans are to be repaid with heavy interest rates out the pocket of the people of Pakistan, notwithstanding the hard reality of accomplishment/non accomplishment of the World Bank Projects.”

The petitioner challenged that he is unqualified for the job, does not possess that qualifications and had misstated his experience. In fact that the only recognized qualification that he possess is 3 subjects in A level, i.e he does not even have a Bachelors Degree, recognized in Pakistan. Unfortunately, the Ministry has recruited him as Advisor, paying him over 300,000 as salary and other benefits such as Rs. 5000/- per day as travelling allowance in addition to the stay in the best hotels entitled only to only BPS 22 officers. The court has issued notices to all the respondents including the major respondent.

It may be mentioned that Shahid Sattar, who personifies himself as Advisor Ministry of Water & Power was removed from a project on the same grounds by the then Prime Minster of Pakistan. There is a track record of fraudulent cases against him, and FIRs in various cases of fraud are registered against him. Amongst the FIRs quoted are the cases relating to petty thefts – (VCR, Camera etc), to threatening senior Government Officials, and major frauds while he was working for an Oil Company. A number of cases are for his frauds have been registered in various police stations.

For Contact and Confirmation

Syed Hasnain Ibrahim Kazmi Advocate

Cell: 0321-8452727

Pakistan Economy Watch

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  1. Clarification:

    1) The Advisor in question is a fully qualified Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. He holds a degree in Cost and Management Accounting and was educated in top British institutions.

    2) He has been duly appointed by the Government of Pakistan and has an impressive track record as a consultant to the World Bank and CEO of several multi- national oil companies.

    3) A previous case in 2003 had been intiated by certain disgruntled individuals in an oil company that Mr. Sattar had turned to profit of $100 million. The case was thrown out by the judge as Mr. Sattar was established innocent. A further civil case was registered by him against those individuals (names withheld) for damage to reputation and misuse of the court system. It is pending.

    4) At present there are several projects that he has successfully completed and certain individuals are conspiring to tarnish his reputation to make up for their own insecurity.

    5) The Advisor is infinitely more educated, experienced and professionally accomplished than all those individuals and their generations put together. His previous salary from the private sector and from international oil companies has been in many millions.

    6) Whoever this “Mr. Asim Raza” is or lawyer Syed Kazmi is not even listed on any legal page, are individuals with a personal agenda who have probably been fired to due to corruption and cleanup intiated by Mr. Sattar in the public sector.

    7) No notice has been issued by the court to summon the advisor and if this is the case in future then it let it proved in a court of law not for some Asim Raza to write about it.

    Please ensure your content is checked for validity and authenticity before attempting to damage someone’s good name.

  2. A simple google search reveals that Mr. Sattar is in the forefront of power industry restructuring in Pakistan. Obviously, he might have touched some raw nerves in the process, leading to bad press, and possibly propaganda campaigns etc.

    Leaving everything aside, the writer alleges cases of ‘petty thefts- cameras etc’ against Mr. Sattar which puts a big question mark over the credibility of the report itself, and seems more a desperate attempt to malign his name.

    The fact that the writer jumped to conclusions and resorted to reporting of concocted stories, speaks volumes of irresponsible and sensational reporting at other’s expense.

    Let the legal proceedings run their normal course, and the honourable judges be the rightful decision makers.

  3. @ Mr. Farooq Khan,

    It is improper to make a comment about somebody whom you dont know.

    I am surprised by your comment about me. I am one of the lawyers against Mr. sattar in one of the three criminal cases of fraud against him and i was also contacted by Mr. Asim raza to file the instant petition against him in the High Court. Let me share one more thing that one of the political parties is also planning to file case against Mr. Sattar as I have been contacted by them too.

    You have all the right to defend Mr. sattar but you are in no shoes to comment about me. You are put to strict proof of allegation you made against me. I had no interaction with Mr. sattar ever.

    I shall appreciate that you please remove your comments about me. I am Advocate Supreme Court and practicing law since 1996.

    I am a professional lawyer and am not party to any controversy so please do not involve my name in any controversial things in future.

    Look forward to hear from you on this blog.

  4. @Mr. Kazmi

    You are correct in pointing out that a professional lawyer carrying out his duties should not be commented on in a personal capacity. As such any references to you personally are regretted.

    However please do refer to the following press release from the Ministry of Water and Power regarding Mr. Shahid Sattar:



    It is clear that Mr. Sattar is at the very forefront of power sector reforms in Pakistan and is thoroughly respected professional in his field for the last 30 years. His qualifications are indeed immense (Chartered Accountant UK, Diploma, Oxford Polytechnic University, O and A levels). He has been a highly paid consultant to multi national oil companies with remuneration as high as $20,000 per month and has also served as CEO of Orient Petroleum.

    Yet there seems to be a malicious smear campaign pertaining to his qualifications, something which is clearly motivated politically and is untrue as has been clarified in the Ministry press release and a clarification issued by Dawn newspaper in 1998, having reviewed the extensive educational and professional accomplishments of Mr. Sattar.

    Mr. Ansar Javed (above) correctly points out that this is a very desperate attempt to malign his name.

    Now we come to your conduct as a lawyer. It is unclear which case you are representing which party against Mr. Sattar. The one case which relates to his qualifications is frivolous and a waste of time as his qualifications far exceed the profession. The other case from Orient Petroleum was initiated by the likes of Hashwani and was a personal vendetta, evidenced by the desperate nature of the claims such as theft of “VCR and Cameras” which is so laughable that the court infact threw the case out in 2003.

    And then you refer to a political party which is also looking to file a case. Which means you accept the politically and personally motivated nature of these cases and smear campaign. It is disgraceful that an officer of the law, a man of justice such as yourself, would partake in such dirty business against an individual such as Mr. Sattar who is renowned in the world as an energy expert and is serving his country to make the sector more transparent. It is clear that Mr. Sattar has has gone against certain vested interests, which you represent. No lawyer worth his salt would.

  5. A final point, the legal basis for his appointment in the Ministry is also set out in the press release and is endorsed within the law by both Govt of Pakistan and World Bank.

  6. Mr. farooq Khan

    I have not heard any reply from you nor your comments have been removed as yet.

    I trust you will do the needful.


    Hasnain Kazmi.

  7. Kazmi – I think Farooq above has responded.

    I think Sattar has touched people’s nerves. He is educated and has worked for big multi-nationals like World Bank and BHP Billiton. If they can hire him, why can’t he? Educated professionals can only help. I think this looks like a political campaign to ruin his name as his reforms are effecting some corrupt people.

    Read this:


    It shows this Sattar is helping Pakistan Zindabad! And the ordinary people that no one else cares about.

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