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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Cricket a Gentle man’s game but with prejudice and covetous mentality

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History of this game dates long back before the partition of the subcontinent. It all started in the 16th century. The pioneers of this sport also call themselves as the Janitors of this historic game. The English men were considered to be experts in this sport but soon other nations also joined it and started competing fairly well against them. But this was not good news for them because they always felt they were a superior creation and never liked competition especially against them.

The above title of this article can be easily allied to the current incompetent and inept British team. After all what had happened on their soil it is very obvious that they aren’t satisfied with our progress or the talent we have. What just happened at this tour is not something out of the blue. It has occurred on every England tour since a decade.

Recent statements by some of the all time great cricketers were very disappointing. It is said widely “innocent until proven guilty”. Then, why such biased and hatred behavior. Yes, there may be a possibility that our alleged players are guilty but can’t these ninny hammer’s wait for the verdict to come out. They are behaving like saints with a clean chit.

Ian botham’s latest ignoramus statement was that Pakistan should be banned from cricket. He might be on alcohol while commenting stupidly. Even if proven guilty you can’t ban the whole game, Pakistan Cricket cant suffer it. It is unjust to the whole nation. His attitude towards the sub continent has not changed since the time of Imran Khan. He should be reminded that he is not a cricketer anymore and when you are sitting on a sports channels giving expert opinions you should never be biased. Naseer hussain, David Lloyd and other commentators are also there but there analysis was unbiased which is the demand of this profession when you are commenting.

Sunil Gavaskar and Imran Khan have quoted many times in early 80’s and 70’s that when they use to travel England they were treated like inferiors as if they are from a different planet or have committed a cardinal sin. When ever the English men played on our venues they demanded Neutral umpires and were not satisfied by their decisions. Although when teams from sub continent went on tour to England they never arranged neutral umpires for us, and forced us to play under their conditions. Dual standards were always imposed. I believe Ian Botham still can’t get his nerves on the two major setbacks in his past. His mind is still wandering somewhere around those events. First one was the ball tempering issue with Imran Khan were he was pinned down by Imran in his own ring in front of British judiciary. The second one was the defeat in the 1992 world cup which he hadn’t been able to swallow yet. I pray for him to recover soon from those blows.

The issue is not only with Ian Botham but with the whole England team and its not new. When Waqar and Wasim used to rip-off their worlds apart with reverse swing they would call it ball tempering and unfair just because they were too incompetent to learn and deliver it. But the moment the mastered this technique it was no more illegal and suddenly out of no where it became an art, which won them “The Ashes”. These double standards have always been the prime quality of the England team with the support of their media.

Keeping in mind the whole controversy on the recent tour, what I at least expected from the English team was some Team Spirit. It’s ok and lucky for you guys that you never got caught in any fixing but it doesn’t means that you start behaving like toddlers and immature adults. They must be reminded that the word allegation doesn’t mean guilty. I was expecting some sort of stance where the English team could have behaved decently until the accused were proved guilty. It seemed like they were hiding in the bushes, aiming at us and ready to strike.

During the whole debacle, Jonathan Trott (Right Handed Batsmen) found his way to indulge deliberately in a hand fight and altercation with the Pakistani fast bowler, Wahab Riaz in nets. Our management advised the skipper to abandon the match and report the incident in Police. But our kind hearted and positive approached skipper Shahid Afridi said it would be a wrong initiative. This is the Sportsman Spirit that should have been shown from the opposite side. The same incident occurred couple more times on the pitch with Kamran Akmal and others as the English bowler called them fixer’s. These events show their mental approach towards us.

Nonetheless there ministers have also given their expert opinions on this game without having any knowledge or command. The case has been given to Scotland Yard. Such a wise dumb decision made by the ICC. Dumb because it is not the expertise of Scotland Yard. And wise because it seems that ICC Anti Corruption and Security Unit is so corrupt in itself that they haven’t solved a case yet in decades and even they need security for themselves. Moreover, Ronnie Flanagan (Head of ACSU) was also found pleading to the media that their hands are tied and they can’t ahead this investigation because they don’t have those luxuries to deal with the issue.

I strongly believe that the umpires were not involved in the fixing but what was wrong with them. Were they biased or blind enough to nod their heads against those irrelevant appeals? I strongly recommend ICC to issue medical allowances to all umpires and get appointments for their eye checkups on regular basis. Recently I found a video in which the wrong decisions by these experienced umpires were compiled in one place. There were around 13 major decisions against Pakistani team which changed the whole plot of the game. One or two can be accepted but 13? Who is going to explain it?

Last but not late to enter this article is Mazhar Majeed (though he started all this). I would simply say that he is such a disgrace and disappointment to the bookies and their profession around the world. All the bookies watching him would be feeling embarrassed by his move. The moron was lying 140 million pounds on table like he was selling those bundles for Eid so that it can be distributed among kids. Was that a deliberate act or a foolish mistake? 140 million pounds if collected together in notes of 100 or 500, it would only make 14 bundles. But those where notes of 5 or 10 pounds so as to make it look big. Was it a Conspiracy or dumb act of wisdom?

It was hard to swallow, England won the two tests and all went quietly but the moment they lost the third one a controversy came out from that tabloid. Similar act happened again while England was wining the two T20’s and first two one day’s, but once again they loose the third one day and a controversy emerges again and this time another tabloid. Does the ICC, ASCU, Scotland Yard or English board have any justifications to it or are they just mere coincidences?

Concluding all the events, the approach and desires of the Englishmen found on the recent tour were green-eyed and bigoted. There behavior was intolerable and biased. It is no more a gentlemen’s game as observed from there reaction.

The only positive thing I see out from this tour is now Pakistan and England would meet like arch rivals just as Pakistan and India used to play. It would make the game more interesting. I would end this article with a quote, which is a silent message to the English team.

“Cricket civilizes people and creates good gentlemen I want everyone to play cricket in Zimbabwe; I want ours to be a nation of gentlemen.” – Robert Mugabe (President of Zimbabwe)

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Mohammad Shoaib Ishaq
Mohammad Shoaib Ishaq. An Electronics Engineer, Social and Youth Activist, Freelance writer, Music and Sport Freak, looking forward for further studies and continue writing as career.
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