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Court has given the judgment but not Justice

Mr. Lateef Mohd Khan Secretary civil Liberties Monitoring Committee, in a statement expressed his deep concern on the verdict of Allahabad High court on Babri Masjid. He said that it is just a political Judgment but not justice. Court verdict should be based on the legal system but not based of faith and emotions of majority community. Today’s verdict is against the standard of justice because it is based upon believes. It seems that verdict is influenced by politics, and the nexus of congress and BJP can also be seen upon the verdict. Today’s judgment broke the justice in to three pieces.

This verdict has shaken the confidence of Muslims and failed to fulfill their hopes with Indian judiciary. Civil liberties believe that these three members bench of Allahabad High Court dissolved the case instead of solving it. Civil liberties believes that justice can be achieved by continues struggle and what’s happened today is nothing but one step towards this long fight for justice. On this occasion Civil liberties commit that the struggle will continue at the legal level and as well as public level till the re construction of Babri Masjid on the same site. The Indian rulers should keep in mind that the confusing statement is a question mark on the Indian judiciary and rule of law. Whatever the verdict of court might be, the fact is that the Babri Masjid is chasing its criminals and they became symbols of admonition.

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Lateef Mohammad khan

Civil Liberties Activist from India,and working for the protection of human rights and civil liberties of all people.I am working to monitor, document, advocate, and educate about civil rights and rights abuses by law enforcement agencies and other Government and non Government agencies In In India

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