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SC constitutes 17-strong bench for NRO Review case-Rabbani will appear before SC

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court (SC) has constituted a full bench comprising 17 judges to hear the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) Review case. The bench will start hearing the case from October 13. The Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said the hearing of 18th Amendment case will be completed tomorrow. The CJ Chaudhry will head the bench.

It should be mentioned here that the government pleaded the court to defer the NRO Implementation case till the NRO Review case hearing is completed. The apex court in the previous hearing gave government time by October 13 in NRO Implementation case.

However on knowing that Head of the Constitutional Reforms Committee Senator Raza Rabbani has decided to appear before the court; the CJ said there is seemingly some miscommunication; if he does not want to come, it is his will albeit he is party to three petitions and he was served notices according to the regulations.

Today the court opened with the arguments of Akram Sheikh Advocate. Earlier, Attorney General presented the letter from Senator Raza Rabbani, saying he has made up his mind to appear before the court. The AG read out the letter to the court. The CJ Chaudhry said Wasim Sajjad told during a hearing that Raza Rabbani wanted to appear before the court of his own accord. However, the senator’s letter said he was not summoned by the court; hence, he needs not go there. Raza also wrote that his statement regarding court’s summon to parliamentarians was wrongly attributed to him, adding the effort was made to create misunderstanding in court and the Parliament.

On Tuesday following the Supreme Court’s permission to Senator Raza Rabbani to appear before the apex court, he being the head of a parliamentary committee which drafted the 18th Constitutional Amendment, has decided not to appear before the Supreme Court to defend the constitutional amendments, according to a private television channel. -SANA

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  • CONSPIRACY: Very important case is fixed before the August Supreme Court of Pakistan. The facts are admitted and only the manner and mode of its implementation is subjudiced. I am afraid the PPP government does not intend to execute the decision of the August Supreme Court of Pakistan rather prolonging the matter on one pretext or the other so as to save Mr.Zardari and his allies. An attempt has already been made while bringing a fight between bench and lawyers in Lahore. However, due to timely intervention of Supreme Court of Pakistan, the matter has been resolved.The people apprehend that again the PPP and its gamers would bring an other episode so as to avoid any further decison by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan. But I am sure that if they would do anything wrong or if they would manage or tried to bring anything creating hurdle in the way of Supreme Court or tried to touch the judiciary, they would not stay even for a single day because the people of the country had already became angry due to the attitude of the government. So it is warned to the PPP players i.e Mr.Farooq H.Nike, Babar Awan and Latif Khosa and others to be careful and if they would take any negative step, the people are not going to spare them and even their successors would remember that.
    SA Chaudhary

  • I am sorry I left an important aspect of the matter. Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gallani has already made a statement that he restored the judiciary with an Executive Order. Every sane person understands such wordings. I am sure that Mr.Gallani would not take any such step because it will ruin the whole system and it will amount to open the doors for revolution and in that way, no white collar would remain survive and would face the music very soon. So it is humbly requested not to take any willy-nilly decision to save the nation. What government is doing, no need to comment upon it, rather it is on the lips of every Pakistani including the PPP supporters, voters and sincere persons.
    SA Chaudhary

  • Today the Supreme Court of Pakistan has again adjourned the Review petition moved by the Government as also the matter relating to the implemention of decisoin relating to NRO. Much patince is being shown by the Apex court. At least the Prime Minister should immediately oust the Ministes and Beurocates who had availed availed the NRO as this is a slur which cannot be washed, without having resort to Rule of Law. The beneficiaries of NRO must face the music. The Prime Minister should not give them even a single day and if it will so, then the hesitence in this behalf by the PM would speaks volume even against his own conduct. If Prime Minister has some love for this country, he should take immediate step toward these blacksheeps and no justification or excuse could be offered. If the beneficiaries of NRO are innocent, they should prove their innocence and in presence of Apex court, I am sure that they would get justice.

  • Today Mr.Latif Khosa has taken oath as Governor of Punjab and that too at the hands of Chief Justice Lahore High Court, Lahore. Whether or not this man deserves to be appointed as Governor or not but it appears that the PPP has chosen this person so as to achieve their evil designs. There had been different stories about this man and there was also allegation that he was involved in some corruption matter. He is the person who participated in lawyers strikes at the inception against Musharaf and when PPP came into Rule, this person alongwith his other fellows started putting up the matter of restoration of Chief Justice of Pakistan. Very funny and fantastic.

  • In these days also, many important matter is pending before the August supreme court of Pakistan. The government is hesitant to obey the orders of the court and is lingering on the matter about the appointment of Chairman Nab. It is also being observed that the matter about Zafar Qureshi is also being left in lurch by the government. Apparently it is the duty of the government to unearthen the matters and to appoint suitable and honest persons over the key posts. Zafar Qureshi has unblemished character but surprising the government is hesitant or for that matter is pregnant with fear that as if the said Officer is again given the task, he would unearthen the realities. I may also refer over here the conduct of Punjab Government. One of the Officer namely Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema Ex-Regional Police Officer Gujranwala is a man of integrity having all the qualities of competency and honesty but when one of the candidate of PML N could not succeed in Gujranwala seat, he was transferred from Gujranwala and was posted in headquarter. Zulfiqar Cheema is the person through whose effrots top ten criminals were either brought to picture or they left the country and the crime in Gujranwala was minimized. The persons like Zafar Qureshi and Zulfiqar Cheema deserve to be appreciated and not to be discouraged. To my view there should not be any hindrence in their way and if they are given field task, no body should interfere in their investigations/inquiries then you would see how criminal could save themselves. By the Grace of Almighty Allah, the August Supreme court is already making hectic efforts to decide important matters purely on merits without any fear and favour and if some body raises some hands, definitely he would be pregnant with some grudge. So I request to all the concerned, to reconsider the matters and to co-operate with the August supreme court.

  • MALIK RIAZ OF BEHRIA TOWN: The August Supreme Court has made very wise and courageous decisons against the government and other strong perons of this country purely on merits. I think the people who are and were involved in corruption, kick backs, malpractice etc. were tightened by the August Court. Now Malik Riaz has been intoduced as a character so as to malign the judiciary. He is the same person whose wife had already given a statement in an interview with Sohail Warraich that her husband was a liar. I have already shown my reservations about the PPP government and its allies that they were trying to avoid the decisions of August Court and were creating hurdles in the dispensation of justice. Now the poor people are dying because of bad policies of this government and the issue of electricity is the core issue also. Every individual is looking towards Supreme Court of Pakistan and Inshallah the days are coming when the corrupt people will face the music and would be send to gallows.