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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Rabbani says not to appear in SC to defend constitutional amendments

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ISLAMABAD: Following the Supreme Court’s permission to Senator Raza Rabbani to appear before the apex court, Rabbani, the head of a parliamentary committee which drafted the 18th Constitutional Amendment, has decided not to appear before the Supreme Court to defend the constitutional amendments, a private television channel reported Tuesday.

As per details, the decision emerged after an informal meeting of the committee chaired by Mr Rabbani at the Parliament House. Shahid Bugti, Senator Ishaq Daar, Ehsan Iqbal and other members of the body attended the meeting. During the course of the hearing into the petitions challenging various clauses of the18th amendment by a 17-judge full court on Tuesday, the Attorney General Moulvi Anwar-ul-Haq pleaded for permission to Senator Raza Rabbani, to appear before the court and explain his views in defence of the challenged amendment.

The apex court permitted Senator Rabbani to appear before the court on Wednesday (today). However, the court said it would be up to the discretion of Raza Rabbani whether or not he appears in the court as he is not bound to do so. In his remarks, the Chief Justice said the 18th Amendment introduced large scale changes in the constitution transferring all Presidential powers to the Prime Minister.

He observed that after the amendment the Prime Minister became a powerful chief executive, while he was deprived of consultation in the matter of appointment of the judges. He observed that the amendment established a genuine system of the parliamentary government. The court granted the plea and allowed Senator Rabbani to appear before the court on Wednesday and later adjourned the hearing till tomorrow (Wednesday). -SANA

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