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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Pakistan Times condemns barbaric acts of stoning woman to death

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A Dubai-based TV channel aired its video showing a woman being stoned to death by the Suspected Taliban militants in Orakzai area of terror-hit northwest Pakistan. The inhuman execution took place about two months ago; as a punishment for being seen out with a man.
The link for the video is here that has been circulating on Internet whole day.

Pakistan Times condemn barbaric acts that cease a life to death. Pakistan Times strongly believe that such brutal and inhuman acts are unjustifiable and are against the tenets of Islam. Norms of humanity are violated and has revealed the extremism. Islam is against violence and give equal rights to woman; whole history of Islam approves; thus applying this harsh form of Islam is an attempt to defame Pakistan among international community one more time.

This footage has reminded of a woman being heavily battered with lashes by extremist militants for going out of home alone a year back. Human rights activists made huge hue and cry over that footage. Later the authenticity of the footage was challenged. In recent case of stoning woman; even if the authenticity is dubious should immediately be taken into account to culminate.

Furthermore Government of Pakistan is suggested to take necessary action against the culprits to thwart this brutality. In times when Pakistan has reaffirmed its commitment to fight terror despite challenges; need to set important modalities to promote the cause of peace, stability and security in our region that is possible while extremist elements are stopped from their activities.

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Rubab Saleemhttp://www.rubabsaleem.com
Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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  1. Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee India expresses its grief and sorrow on the incident of stone to death to a woman in Pakistan frontiers region and condemns this barbaric act in strong possible word. It is an inhuman act and the perpetrators are alleged Taliban and this entire taking place in the name of Islamic sharia.but Islam never permit the violence and always promote human rights. We demand with government of Pakistan to take strong action against the culprits and restore the rule of law and protect the right to life with human dignity


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