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Dr. Qadeer’s security bolstered after LHC orders on protocol restoration

ISLAMABAD: Following the Lahore High Court’s (LHC) order to restore the shunned security protocol of nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, the government has increased his security. As per details, earlier Dr. Qadeer Khan filed a petition of the Contempt of Court in LHC against the federal government, asserting the honourable court that government failed to follow the agreement, two parties had reached, in connection with his security protocol.

The plea further asserted that Dr. Qadeer was practically undergoing home detention. The petition said, according to security protocol deal, Dr. Qadeer was bound to inform government half hour prior stepping out of home in order to enjoy security protocol. Subsequently, LHC, dictating the other party restoration of Dr. Qadeer’s shunned security protocol, has sought reply from federal government over its failure in abiding by court’s ruling.

After the LHC ordered the restoration of security protocol for nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan and had allowed him free movement, the government increased the security. Talking to a private television channel after the court order, the renowned atomic scientist and the founder of Pakistan atomic programme Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan said the restoration of security protocol was in fact to reinforce the restrictions on him adding it was unfortunate that the court did not notice why its judgment was not implemented.

He said not serious measures were taken for the execution of the court’s decisions. He said soon after the decision police mobiles came and placed more security barriers ahead of his house.-SANA

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