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World is witness to a US blind war that expands dimensions of terrorism: Ahmadinejad

NEW YORK: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that world is witness to US blind war in Afghanistan and Iraq that contributes greatly to expanding dimensions of international terrorism. In an interview with The FoxNews, the Iranian President also pointed out that the US policy in Afghanistan is erroneous.

The FoxNews reporter asked about the subject of President Ahmadinejad’s letter to his US counterpart, Obama. He replied, “The text of my first letter to him has been published and the subject of the second one was that the terrorists that infiltrate into Iran through the soil of Afghanistan under the support of the US military barracks there to assassinate the Iranian citizens in our country should end doing so.”

He added, “I wrote to him that the United States should end supporting those terrorists, since killing the human beings is a bad thing, as the people can be friends of one another, rather than killing each other.”

The FoxNews reporter asked, “Why do you consider the US administration as the main cause of the September 11th terrorist attacks? The IRI president replied, “I merely spoke of three hypotheses about the matter which are spoken about among the US citizens, too.”

Ahmadinejad added, “I have not opined about the case, as I have instead demanded the establishment of an independent fact finding group to survey the issue. I say why do you insist that the entire world should yield to the US administration’s account about the matter and that there is absolutely no need to the establishment of a fact finding group?”

He said, “Such a fact finding group should clarify what type of a group Al-Qaeda is, where it is based, who its members are, who supports them and where from they obtain their financial assets. More important than all, how could they have passed the US security wall, and dozens of other unanswered questions in this respect.”

The president added, “Because of the 9/11 event so far some one million human beings have lost their lives in that part of the world and even the US soldiers are losing their lives in that region for the cause. The question is: why really is it so?

He said, “The real cause of that event must be properly identified. We are now witnesses to the ongoing of a blind war in Afghanistan and in Iraq by the United States that has not only been inefficient in uprooting terrorism, but has expanded its dimensions to hundreds of folds greater extent.”

Ahmadinejad reiterated, “The US policy in Afghanistan is erroneous. Why were two countries occupied due to the occurrence of the 9/11 events? Once a fact finding group would identify the cause then eliminating that cause and curing the resulting pain can be a lot faster.”
The Iranian president added, “Besides, we are not urged to yield to the US administration’s account about the matter. An important event has occurred for which two countries have been occupied. The infrastructure facilities in those countries have been annihilated and demolished to the ground and two nations have been harmed seriously. The United States is spending 400 billion dollars for the continuation of that process.”

The Fox News reporter once again repeated the US stands regarding Iran’s truly peaceful nuclear program. President Ahmadinejad replied, “We have said many times that we are not after acquiring the atomic bomb. You are free to think the way you wish, and we do not insist at all that you should believe us, but why are you after urging us to believe what you say under the pressure of resolutions and the power of force?”

Ahamdinejad said, “Have the United States, or the Zionist regime cooperated with the agency? Why must the United States spend and annual 80 billion dollar budget for proliferation of its atomic weapons, against its commitments in accordance with the nuclear NPT?”
In response to a series of biased questions, the Iranian president reiterated, “Are you speaking on behalf of the US administration, or are you the reporter of a media service? If you are an independent agency’s media man you need to act subjectively, not to take sides and judge.”

The FoxNews reporter then asked a question regarding the Zionist regime and its threats against the national security of Iran. The president said, “That regime cannot harm our security. Our opposition against Israel is a humane discussion. We say there must be an end to occupation, the siege of Gaza must end and the assassinations, the terrorist acts and telling lies must be uprooted.”

FoxNews asked, “Your country supports some groups in Lebanon and in Lebanon. Why do you do that?” Ahamdinejad replied, “How do you think the United States spends 400 billion dollars in the Middle East? During the period of the US presence in Iraq and in Afghanistan the dimensions of terrorism have grown hundreds of times fold greater and during the course of the past few days they martyred a number of Iranian women and children (in Mahabad, Iran). Meanwhile, the Zionist regime is the manifestation of state terrorism.”

The president said, “We are opposed to Zionism and we argue in favor of permitting the people to make their free choice. The UN Charter has given the Palestinians the right to make decisions and the Palestinian nation to have a sovereign national government.”
Ahamdinejad added, “We say the decision making belongs to the Palestinian nation and that the occupiers, too, must depart and then the problem would be solved needless waging of wars.” The FoxNews asked Ahmadinejad whether he can order for the release of the two Americans that are imprisoned in Iran now, and to ask him to be the harbinger of such good news for the FoxNews audiences.

The president replied, “There are also two million and 500 other Americans imprisoned in US prisons here, can somebody order the release of them from those prisons? The judiciary procedure must be completed.” He was asked what he would tell Netanyahu if he would come face to face with him. Ahmadinejad said, “I will not meet him. But my message for him is let the people get back to their homes. I will ask him to stop killing the people, to stop assassinating them, to stop making atomic bombs, and to end massacring the people of Gaza.”

In response to a question whether he is capable of easing the minds of the Americans regarding the nuclear issue, he said,

“The minds of the US states people have been disturbed ever since the Iranian nation kicked off the dictator that used to safeguard the US interests in their country. But if the US politicians would intend to enter the course of talks based on the rules of mutual respect and from quite equal stands, we would then provide opportunities for them and if they would choose to keep on insisting on the current process of affairs, the conditions would remain unchanged.”

The FoxNews reporter asked about belief in Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his reappearance). Ahamdinejad said, “He is the friend of the nations; opposed to massacring the innocent people and he favors the idea of promoting friendship among the entire human beings; he is opposed to oppression of an individual against another, and he favors life amid justice for all.” He added, “Those are the preconditions for putting an end to the massacres of the human beings and for loving everyone. Is it bad if such a person would come to the world? The world needs him and he would come to the world.” NNI

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