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Open heart surgery procedure needed to correct situation: Ch. Shujaat Hussain


GUJRAT: Former Prime Minister and President PML Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain has said that in the country’s present situation an open heart surgery procedure is vital. Speaking at the 29th death anniversary of a his late father Chaudhry Zahur Elahi in Gujrat here on Saturday, he said that in the last two and half years the government had been at loggerheads with the people as well as the judiciary and lately the government had started disobeying the decisions of the judiciary.

He said that the Prime Minister had himself admitted the fact that previously there were talks of minus one and minus two formulas but now a talk of “minus all” was abuzz. Chaudhry Shujat Hussain further said that the opposition could not be blamed for the country’s present dismal political environment as it amounted to one doth the blame another bears the shame. He said at the Opposition members of the Parliament were neither indulged in corruption nor were they scuffing with the judiciary. This is why he was advising open heart procedure but the government seemed to be heading towards this end.

Calling Dr. Aafia Siddiqui a daughter of the nation, Chaudhry Shujat Hussain condemned her conviction and demanded her immediate release and repatriation. The PML President also demanded punishment for those who handed her over to the United States irrespective of their position and clout. Chaudhry Shujat Hussasin also emphasized the need to desist form politicization of floods and warned that this trend could push the country further to the brink of disaster He pointed out at the internal and external threats to Pakistan and urged for mercy on the country’s present sad plight.

Chaudhry Shujat Hussain also revealed that during Election 2008 Gen. Musharraf called him to inform that they were being given 40-50 seats and they should accept the election results. Chaudhry Shujat Hussain said that we accepted the election results to save the country from political anarchy and dispelled the impression that were crying foul because we were denied power. On Gujrat by polls rigging, Chaudhry Shujat Hussain said that every body knew that the Gujrat election was rigged and quoted political rival Ahmad Mukhtar as saying that the election would be won by whoever was with the establishment therefore he would prefer going to the establishment rather than the people. Chauhdy Shujat expressed his grave concern at the poor law and order situation in Gujrat and said that otherwise educated people had now started lynching the innocent because of their sense of insecurity.

The 29th death anniversary of Chaudhry Zahur Elahi among others was also attended by Chaudhry Wajahat Hussain, Shafaat Hussain. Abdullah Yousuf, Khalid Asghar Gharal Nasim ahmd Khan, Mian Imran Masud, Khalid Mohammad Riaz Chaudhry Ajmal Cheema Hanif Haideri Chaudhry Imran Aslam Chaudhry Zulfiqar Khawaja Tariq Mehmood representatives of Gujrat Traders association MSF, PML minorities Wing and Muslim League Youth Wing. NNI


  1. salaam editor sb,
    salute to haneef haidry (Q)
    sorry to say this is totally ghunda ghardi of haji nasir (N)and his party worker. they came down from the level of civil society manners. haji nasir ought to quit politics department bcz. of false degree. i advice to gujrat brothers who are follower of such person who found totally fake and our honourable high court certified. oh my gujrat ppl , especially who are follower of haji nasir and his family do not defame your repute. plz. depart immediately fake degree holder person.

    i am very much proud of haneef haidry who always stand with true and haq. i do request to ch.shujjad hussain and pervaiz elhai to
    honor haneef hairdry as gujrat lion.

    i demand to C.M. punjab to release immediately haneef haidry as well as expell from your party haji nasir inclusive his whole family from your (N) party. if you claim that you never favour black sheeps. kindly, clean your party.

    salaam pakistan – salaam haneef haidry – saleem ch. shujjahat hussain.

    Rai Zafar Jarral
    Middlest/ Africa

  2. dear editor sb.
    first of all I pay thanks to give place in your webside. again thanks.
    today breaking news was coming on all T.v. channel that naraz (Q) group leading by Manika sb. very pity on such ppl who left thier sincere leader or party just for own benefits. there is a proverb in punjabi ” jo aapnay waldain ka nieh – wo saas aur suser ka bi nieh ” second example i want to quote about Imam Abu Haneefa, one guy who having good knowledge was very surprised while he studied Imam-a-Azam’s books or litrature – bcz Imam was not belong to Arab.
    he decided to get Imam and take his teste. shortly, he got Imam and put question on Imam – you are not arab, your language is not arabic how you got this tittle of Imam-a-azam ? Imam answered , oh young man some ppl told me about one of companions of Prophit(PBUH)
    he has a Hadees. after many days travel to reach that Sahaba from a little distance he was inviting sheep with empty cloth of fooder. then i did not take hadees from that Sahabi. bcz. it was cheating animal to catch him. i think, two true examples are not enough to understand these naraz selfish group. i do request to thier follower to not next time thier hearts to such disloyal ppl of thier Leaders ch. shujaat Hussain. I request to ch. shujaat hussain : ya baaday sab tu tujay aur taray faithful workers to victory ki taraf lya kar ja rahee hay. you must pay thanks to Allah who showed you black sheeps. Insha-Allah very soon they will repent on thier wrong decision. yaro death having no calender.
    shame shame shame such ppl who join such party lear (N) who was declared two time corrupt person by pakistan high court.

    thats’ all for today.

    salaam pakistan – salaam ch.shujaat hussain – salaam PML (Q)

    n.b. Pml (N) ppl of pakistan try to understand the meaning of ”
    pakistan muslim league (nawaz) – i do humble request to
    chief justice of pakistan to immediately ban on this name bcz.
    pakistan muslim league was made by quaid-a-azam, and on 1947
    mian sharif party name was Itfaq foundry. this nawaz family
    cheated our beloved pakistan founder. ?
    anyone answer this is my open question ?

    ch.shujaat tumra jan nisar,

    rai zafar jarral

  3. editor sb,
    i want to bring in to the notice gujrat jugdes,
    why not punjab government act upon your order to catch
    pml(N) party workers who injuried mr. haneef haidry(Lion of gujrat)
    mr. Sana Ullah well done, well done is this your justice department – punjab police under you. they can not arrest (N) workers unless they receive n.o.c. from you. mr. sana ullah you are among us. you are a pakistani. great thing, you are the follower of islam. but you are working aginst the rules and regulations of islam. why not you rapid action against gujrat police if you have no involvement. why haneef haidry(Q) plus (Q) workers are behine the bar ? I humbly appeal to chief justice of pakistan to take action against mr. sana ullah and d.p.o. gujrat why not arrest (Q) workers while your gujrat judge ordered to arrest them and obliged.

    salaam pakistan – salaam ch. shujaat hussain – salaam haneef haidry

    rai zafar jarral

  4. salaam editor sb,
    as I saw Mr. rehman malik was clearing to the ppl of Pakistan about raymon davis having diplomatic passport by oath. oh rehman malik, Allah never forgive you and like you ppl who are working for others non-muslim and mir jaffar bcz. mir jaffar was among us (muslim) due to such type of our so-called leader our three kidz are suffering and facing coming prepared planned judgment. our president,p.m. opposition party leaders (not Pakistanis nation leaders) they are deaf and dump why ? how they trapped daughter of Pakistan, how they abused our daughter Pakistan during investigation as well as in jail. would that I ——– . look Pakistani nation how they are treating raymon davis who killed three sons of Pakistan on our mother land. how our agencies of Pakistan giving treatment to this usa killer. raymon davis he by himself surprised now – sure he will praising Pakistani agencies while he writes a book. his book may be help us to get respect during travel to European and mildest countries. now our government having golden chance to release daughter of Pakistan dr. afia against raymon davis. but this is loss for majesty asif ali zardari and rehman malik plus shah m. qureshi too. hi dollar hi dollar hi dollar you are my mother,sister,daughter,son,nation everything. ya Raab hum hien taray banday – hum hien taray mahboob kay jan nisar. humain ek aapna banda aata kar. Ameeeeeeeen.
    may living long life ch. shujaat hussain –
    salaam Pakistan – salaam ch. shujaat Hussein

    Rai zafar jarral

  5. salaam editor sb, salaam asif ali zardar sb, salaam mian ji, salaam
    rehman malik ji – aap sub ko wadhie hu.

    kafir hay tu shamshir pay karta hay bharoosa
    mumin hay tu bay taikh larta hay spy

    aaj ek aur mery afia k zindgi layli , who is responsible for the
    death of shumila (daughter of islam , daughter of pakistan) you all aforesaid are responsible of the death of 2nd afia. ok i agree you are very powerfull for the ppl of pakistan. tumra yaar usa ka dollar hay. whole ppl of pakistan know you all having bank account and biz in usa plus other countries. but do not forget, tomorrow you and we will leave this dunya empty hands. you will have to answer to Allah almighty. Allah zaberdast haasab laynay wala. i advice you all to admit your sins infront of Allah as well as to ppl of pakistan and do toba. still having time before death to repent on your sins. Allah aur uss kay Rasool ka haq Aadha karo aur pakistan jo Allah kay naam per Allah say lya tha uss k zameen per uss ka qanoon jari karo.

    salaam pakistan – salaam ch. shujaat hussain – salaam ppl of pakistan.

    Rai Zafar Jarral

  6. janab editor sb.,

    salaam Pakistan –

    yes, I have heard through media that usa is pressurizing
    mr. asif ali zardari to release raymon davis. even they
    do not pressurize – Pakistani leadership keep raymon davis
    on their heart to return back to him. bcz. as I have written
    before this article they have their biz, properties and wealth
    in their countries. especially our thousand brothers are working
    in their countries.

    I am also in this favor to release roymon davis to compensate
    the families as much as they can do. Islam like to forgiving
    and compensation.

    I do appeal to all families who are related to Martyrs (shuhada)
    to accept the compensation and safe the poor ppl of Pakistan.
    bcz. our country Pakistan is running who are working out of

    mr. ppp and mr. (N) you are both blood sucker companies of
    Pakistan. in the name bbi Bhutto – ppp introduced rs.1000/=
    package for the poor ppl of Pakistan – on other hand – mr. (N)
    is making money cheap rotty.

    would that if you both parties are sincere with ppl of Pakistan
    then you never introduce such package.

    you can overcome on crisis of the following :

    1. power sector
    2. more factories
    3. health sector
    4. education

    chor churi say jaaya haira phir say na jaaya

    salaam Pakistan – salaam ch. shujaat hussain – salaam ppl of Pakistan

    dua gou Pakistani
    Rai Zafar Jaarl


  7. editor sb, salaam
    salaam pakistan – salaam hassan journalist ji –
    yestderday debate was going on one of t.v. channel between
    ppp+ son-in-law (N) and hassan.

    first i want to salute to hassan. pakistan and ppl of pakistan
    miss you a lot. no one can critise and very few well educated ppl having hassan thinking, speaking power and bold person. having no answer , no rebuttal of hassan. i do appreciate and i pray to Allah, may Allah bestow like hassan in my race. my blessings are always with you.May Allah protect you. Ameeeeeeeeeen.

    yes, i am too in this favour to dismember all provinces in small small state like iran if we are sinere with pakistan. if we sincere to control the fire in pakistan. if we love with pakistan. otherwise no way to control explosions,loot mar, corrupation in pakistan.

    ch. shujaat hussain ji plz. include in your agend if still not included. only you can do this. plz. give this slogan to the ppl of pakistan. then see. the result. i know, you are son of ch.zuhour elhai who never bent inforn of marshal law dictor. who always stood against false powers. i am very much proud – i got the opportunaty to deliver my speach in jalal pur jattan’s stage.in the presence of ch.zuhour elhai gave me well done. that time i was the student of 7th or 8th class.

    salaam pakistan – salaam hassan – salaam ch.shujaat hussain – salaam ch. zuhour elhi.

    dua for pakistan & ppl of ppl of pakistan

    Rai Zafar Jarral

  8. salaam editor sb,
    pakistan times

    well done mr. Hussein haqani (embosser u.s.a.)ji
    we do not know that our pak.ser zameen is a American
    colony, we do not know that ppl of Pakistan are American
    pet. well done – mr. Hussein before this I know that
    I was very much proud that I am a Pakistani. we are
    great nation in the world. today your given statement opened
    my eyes that you are working for America – not for Pakistan.
    you having rich pain about Raymond davis not to release. yes,
    you are right mr. Hussein haqani. you have to do bcz. you are an
    American citizen too. well done asif ali zardari I do appreciate
    your selection of ppl who can only work to protect you and your
    biz, billion u.s. dollars and palaces out of Pakistan.

    oh Allah Pakistan was built on your name and only you’re the
    protector of Pakistan.

    mr. hussain haqani ji kash tum apny sister afia k itni
    wakalat kartay tu aaj wo apnay watanay aziz mien houti.

    salaam asif ali zardari ji – salaam (N) bros. salaam (anp)

    dua gu Pakistan,
    rai zafar jarral

  9. salaam editor sb,
    as shown on t.v. two parties agreed to work together to take out
    pakistan and ppl of pakistan from the present recession. in my personal opinion, this is a great acheivement of ch.shujaat hussain. this is the big step towards the revolution. ppp and pml (N) will be disappeared in coming election. now i do request to ppl of pakistan to join pml(Q) or mqm bcz. now you have option and choice if ppl of pakistan really sincere with your present and future generation.

    yesterday pml(N) pervaiz rashid gave a cheap statement about monis elhai must face the court case. mr. pervaiz rashid your statement likethus is not a man statement. enough for you to understand.

    yes, i salaam to ch.zaman kairah and shah m.qureshi ppp you are man of principle. this is the sign of bad luck started ppp to not include these two symble of ppp.

    i can only say, haji nasir sb. you did appeal to punjab essmebly speaker to oust corrupt ppl. yar – you forgot what you did ? haji sb. plz. should not give this type of statements. i think – you are not normal now. plz. go for check up. and take rest.

    yaa pyaaray Naabi tuj pay lakhoon salaam – tayray pakistan ko salaam – salaam ch.shujaat hussain – salaam mqm leader

    dua go for pakistan,
    rai zafar jarral

  10. janab editor sb,

    right now I read news on geo t.v. webside that ppp fauzia wahab nay dung mar dhia hay shamaila ko aur pakistan ke 18 karor awam ko,
    she said, we have to release raymond davis at any cost. how she dare to give this statement. she admitted clearly that pakistan agencies and court can not sue against him. otherwise, america dijaal will not give rotty. uuf Allah – fauzia wahab you have invited a big revolution against your ppp and pml (N). madam fauzia please we give you assurty we are with you and asif ali zardari too. please do not degrade ppl of pakistan. this is a abuse for our ghairat-a-pakistan. do not forget, we are muslim and bellieve in Allah who is the cherish for whole ppl of world, not only for muslim. believe me i am extremist – i am a modren person.
    please presendent of pakistan ask madam fauzia to change her statement. please sadar ji do request to obama to release afia against roymond davis. I disagree with afia sister who gave ugly statement to not exchange afia against roymond davis. please afia sister do not play politics. its mean want to come on world t.v. screen for your own reputation. sorry, you are not sincere with your sister.

    madam fauzia wahab i respect you but today your statement gave me pain.

    salaam pakistan – salaam fauzia wahab – salaam inqalab pakistan

    rai zafar jarral
    middle east /africa

  11. editor sb,
    salaam hu,

    editor sb. my weakness is that I can not control myself if I see good or bad to give my comments according to my conscious. as I observed in local news papers plus enews – many religious peer, mulvi and alamans
    are always standing with police officers and well know political well known ppl. especially in Gujarat, might be same with other cities too. why ? why ? why ? are they true peers, mulvis and religious scholars. sorry to say and warn to all ppl of Pakistan – please be careful this type of ppl bcz. they are actors and just to cover themselves under long long dhari and turbans. Allah Walloon kay pass dunya aati hay – Allah walay na tu kisi kay pass jatay hien aur na police officers to gift aata kartay hien. shortly I tell you. I have my intimate friend who belong to poor family. now he is multi millioner person. he got a little position from
    well known political party. he invited me for opening ceremony of some thing. some well known religious scholar with his group was there. I asked him why you invited this group. you know what he answered me, raja zafar sb. there is some flaws in this grapping land. this mulvi having good relations with higher rank of
    police officers, patwaries and judges. no one will sue against us while they see this mulvi ji.

    I appeal to chief justice sb.+ Punjab government to not allow police officers,judges
    to mingle with such type of ppl as well as not allow to get gift from these ppl.

    otherwise, poor ppl of my beloved Pakistan will not get justice and rights too.

    now my duty is over to alert my ppl of gujrat and Pakistan too.

    salaam pakistan – salaam chief justice of pakistan – salaam ppl of pakistan

    aap ka + pakistan ka well-wisher,
    rai zafar jarral

  12. editor sb.,
    yes, mr. Senator John Kerry i agree with you .may you or any american answer me with swear to jesus about the verdiction of doctor afia pakistan’s daughter 86 year sentence if a fair . ok i agree that doctor afia only tried to pick the gun, not hit any usa a solider. your american killed 4 person. in my opinion or if i am to be a judge then i follow your judgement policy and give punshment for 300 years. senator john kerry and mr. obama can be solve this burning issue in simple way to return back our duaghter doctor afia and compensate the grieved families. this is the will of mrs. shamila to return dr. afia. insha-Allah we have to respect shamila’s will.

    yes, madam fouzia wahab ji and malik rehman sb. you have proved that you are the puppet of mr. asif ali zardari and you both can do any thing against pakistan and against your own values too. mr. qureshi (ex-foriegn minister of pakistan) what he said about madam fouzia wahab and other ppp ladies 100 percent correct.

    salaam pakistan – salaam shah muhmmoud quereshi – salaam javaid hashmi – salaam ch.shujaat hussain – salaam ppl of pakistan

    dua go for pakistan
    rai zafar jarral

  13. SALAAM Editor pakistan times,

    Today i got news about Mohammed haneef haidry came out from jail on bail. I pay salute to hanif haidry sb who proved to not help, support or stand with criminal,looter, false degree holders, dirty politicians and always assist to government agencies against criminal ppl of gujrat.

    shortly again i do request to ch. shujaat hussain to appreciate hanif haidry to bestow him title of ”Sher Gujrat” and oblige to the ppl of gujrat.

    salaam pakistan – salaam hanif haidry(sher gujrat) salaam ch.shujaat hussain.

    dua go pakistan

    rai zafar Jarral
    middle east/africa

  14. my dear friends,

    in my poor opinion i sugguest as follows:

    1. pakistan ppl cast their vote.
    2. must study leading leader of each party.
    3. do not waste your vote for mian nawaz sherif
    party (N) and ppp. bcz. both parties two time
    declared corrput by our high court. any one who
    cast his vote these both parties , in my opinion
    he is not sincere with their present and future generation too.
    plus having little knowledge about islam. now ppl of pakistan
    third time again tested practically in current period, both
    parties are not sincere. both having big big biz out of the
    pakistan. poultry was not (chicken meat) expensive while from
    the last 2 year chicken prices shoot up. bcz. son of shahbaz sherif is the chairman of poultry . who is main dealer of chicken food supplier. why not to say these two parties bye bye. yaar.

    4. must pass the rule who having dual nationalty and having biz
    or accounts out of pakistan not allow to participate in election

    5. government have fix tax annually on factories holder,shopkeepers
    agriculture etc
    6. must remove degree condition who participate election from
    all type of election. bcz. well educated ppl make crimes technically. not easy to prove in court.they are not helping nature, like doctor of our beloved pakistan –
    7. Must fix doctor fee if they have private practice plus
    all type of medical test etc.

    8. jobless ppl – government must give jobs or pay food and medical allownce like european countries.
    9. if all parties are sincer and present government sincer with
    pakistan. they must declared 18 states. each state should be comprising of one korror ppl. only this is the way to control over ghunda gherdhi, terrorism.

    thats’ all

    dua go pakistan
    rai zafar jarral
    middle east/africa


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