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Consumers reject 10% flood surcharge in utility bills

RAWALPINDI: Social circles have expressed deep concern over flood surcharge on utility bills as the government decided 10 per cent flood surcharge on utility bills. According to a survey conducted by NNI news agency, the people rejected the surcharge and demanded of the government to reverse the decision otherwise they would be compelled to opt for protests.

The consumers said that the electricity bills were already increased up to about 90 per cent and the current decision of the government would compel the people to resort to street protests against the decision.

Inam-ul-Haq, a shopkeeper, said that the current decision would affect the life of the poor people because they were already enduring the worst price hike. He said that the government should decrease its expenses and spent on the flood affectees.

Sheikh Rizwan and Kamran Khan, who are working in a private firm, said that the current decision would compel the people to cut off their electricity connection because the bill would reach out of the range of the poor people.

Arshad Hameed said that the self immolation incidents were increasing day by day because of poverty but the government was not taking solid steps to overcome the crisis but every day new taxes and surcharges were added in utility bills. He said that the rulers were living luxury life but the poor were compelled to commit suicide.

Muhammad Ahsan, Waqar Ahmed and Jamil Abbasi while expressing their views on the surcharge said that the decision would vanish the poor because the power prices already have been reached to its extreme. They said that the people were running out of patience and they cant pay such high bills. The people demanded of the government to reverse the decision.-NNI

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