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Govt to protect constitution, parliament’s sovereignty at all cost:PM

Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has said the Government is determined to protect sovereignty of the constitution and the parliament and it is our responsibility to give respect to all institutions under the ambit of the constitution. Speaking in the Senate on Friday, he said the parliament is a sovereign body and the President is also its part, therefore it should also be given due respect under the constitution like other institutions.

He said the Government will give respect to the other institutions provided that other state institutions give respect to it and the Parliament. He said respect of the institutions do not mean only the respect of the Supreme Court but all institutions including parliament.

Referring the case of the President to write letter to Swiss authorities for reopening cases against him, the Prime Minister said the President is integral part of the parliament and supreme commander of the armed forces, besides symbol of federation so how can cases be reopened against him while he also enjoys immunity under Article 248 of the constitution.

He said half of his tenure has been completed and if it is necessary to reopen cases against him then we should wait for next two and half years and reopen cases after expiry of immunity given to him under the constitution. He said however, the Parliament is authorized to withdraw the immunity given to the President under the constitution.

The Prime Minister said that the politicians played vital role in making of Pakistan but it is unfortunate that always they come under criticism and nobody cares about those who took over the country for ten years. The Prime Minister said that he has directed the Law Ministry and Attorney General to scrutinize authenticate and certify the list of NRO beneficiaries. He asked all NRO beneficiaries working government departments to voluntarily resign from their posts. He said on the recommendation of the Senate Committee on Hajj Affairs he has decided to recall Director General Hajj Makkah for his alleged involvement in corruption.-SANA

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