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Flood 2010-Catastrophe

The recent floods in Pakistan have displaced over 20 million people all across the country. Nearly two thousand people have lost their lives in this calamity and the number of casualties is still unknown and growing day by day. Over one million homes destroyed or damaged. One fifth of the country is submerged in the flood waters. Over 3.5 million acres of ready crops damaged or destroyed. The infrastructure in the flood hit areas has completely been devastated. Thousands of kilometers of roads and bridges joining those areas to the other parts of the country have been destroyed. This is a calamity of such huge magnitude that it has literally affected every single Pakistani living inside or outside Pakistan.

This really is a time when the world needs to do more. We are always forced to do more now is the time for them to do more for us. With one fifth of the country’s total area under flood waters, Pakistan really needs help to rehabilitate and re-establish the victims of the catastrophe who have lost not only homes but also the loved ones.

Natural disasters can happen anywhere and can affect millions in minutes. Remember it can happen to anyone any time & unfortunately this time it was us. This is a request to everybody please come forward and help the victims. The first requirement was rescue and immediate relief. Pakistani government along with the number of people from different nationalities working with different aid and relief agencies of the world present in the country at the moment to help the victims of flood. Pakistan army has played a vital role in the rescue and relief. The troops from navy, air force, army and even the civil administrative people have worked hard in these crucial moments but such is the magnitude of the devastation that all the efforts fell short and still 2000 people lost their lives. A big thank you to all the foreign troops as well as civilian volunteers and their respective governments to send the supplies and the representatives to aid Pakistani nation at this hard time of our history. Now we are entering the second phase return and rehabilitation of all the victims. The hazards are lack of food, unavailability of clean drinking water, unhygienic conditions of refugee camps and hence the result will be a burst of diseases. Though government is trying its level best to coup up the challenges however with such limited resources I feel it will unjust and unfair to leave this to the government only. We as a nation and a society have our responsibilities and these victims at this crucial time of our history are our responsibility. We have to come forward, join hands and work together to get our brothers and sisters out of such terrifying conditions.

This is a call for a cause and it’s a call for humanity. Remember together we can and we will overcome all the odds.

God bless Pakistan.

God bless Humanity.

Long live Humanity.

Long live Pakistan.

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