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Bill Clinton to launch initiative for Pakistan flood relief

ISLAMABAD: Former US President Bill Clinton in the opening Plenary of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) announced an initiative for Pakistan to assist those affected by the monsoon flood disaster. According to a press release of the Pakistan embassy in US, the initiative would include provision of clean drinking water, food and medical facilities to the flood affected people. The CGI would work out modalities in collaboration with its partner agencies for the implementation of the initiative.

The international agencies that would work with CGI include Kashf Foundation that would work for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of communities affected by the floods through clean drinking water projects and rebuilding livelihoods. A specific fund has been created for the purpose with an amount of $28.98 million.

Concern Worldwide US in collaboration with CGI would provide food security and self-reliance, agricultural support for small farmers, transitional shelter, income generation projects, water, sanitation, hygiene services and infrastructure projects. The total amount earmarked for this project is $16.45 million.

Similarly, Google Inc. has donated $1 million for flood relief efforts as well as in-kind technology support. Google would also assist in the relief efforts by publishing updated imagery, news videos and ways to donate.

ACS Energy Advisors LLC would deliver water to Pakistan in conjunction with World Water and Solar Technologies would bring solar powered water purification and energy generation to the flood affected areas. It would also provide installed, sustainable infrastructure for the recovery and rehabilitation of the affected areas. An amount of $23.6 million has been allocated for the purpose.

CGI is already engaged in two other projects in Pakistan in close collaboration with Dangote Group for an estimated value of $2.0 million in food relief and with Save the Children for a total value of $25 million in health, nutrition, food, shelter and child protection. NNI

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  • At this point in time when we are getting into the relief phase, clean drinking water and the better health facilities are one of the key requirements for the Pakistan Floods victims. We welcome an initiative to help us securing such facilities by anyone from the international community. Please keep it up we need to mobilize the international community support, and should do whatever we can to achieve this for the betterment of our country fellows.