Filth returns to Filth

She was one day old baby girl; not a disobedient grown up child or a terrorist that she should have been abandoned. But unfortunately she was thrown in basket not for some of her crime but for her parents crime; thanks to the thrower who wrapped her in a polythene bag. This was disclosed when People collecting Garbage in DHA-Lahore realized a life in garbage regardless of human or animal.

When my maid told me this story early in the morning; i felt an ache in heart; How inhumane and bestial act it was to throw a small one day baby into garbage. Obviously there are hundred questions remained unanswered as her parents could not be found. Though Police will follow the case. Thanks to our social system that has lead us to this stage where on yearly basis several hundred babies are thrown this way. This is not one single case but hundreds of the type can be witnessed daily? Organizations like Edhi Foundation pick them and rear these abandoned children till they are adults.

First thought that struck into my mind on hearing this melancholy was: she was illegitimate child of some maid who became a victim of rape by her employer. Second worst thought shrugged me was her father might have wanted to get rid of her; as he already was having two or three baby girls to nourish. Third thing becoming very common in Pakistan is due to poverty people either sell their children or throw. My maid told about the complexion was fair and looked healthy; she was wearing pink dress and small cap too on inquiring about her appearance. Thus i concluded she could not have been shun for any appearance reasons of complexion or physical disability. yeah as she will grow up she must develop mental disability over the attitude her parents adopted towards that innocent child.

In every case my heart sinks for her mother; who probably knowingly dumped or her daughter was snatched from her. Many questions arise in mind if i empathize her situation; How would she be reacting to loss if her daughter stolen? How if she was victim of rape and this baby was a symbol of abhorrence for her? or she would be crying if her husband has intentionally got rid of this third or may be fourth baby girl. Or that mother was forced by her parents for getting free herself from this illegitimate baby as a social stigma on her character. Any case may it be a life was destroyed. How the conscience of parents would allow them to live a satisfied life?

Woman retains baby for whole nine months in wombs; affiliations start growing the day they come to know they are pregnant. Only a woman can know how her pregnancy deals with her and how difficultly she bears her child and lastly having baby is feeling of completing oneself. I wonder once completing how can she disassociate herself from her children? Word “pregnancy” immediately brings one word in mind and that is “Congratulations”. Congratulations to her mother for getting rid of the most beautiful gift by Allah. Drones and Bomb Blasts killing several hundreds of people in Pakistan yearly; these attacks and blasts are heart breaking to larger extents and bring misery to the members of families. These attacks and blasts are not our self opted notions and imposed on us but shunning your child is purely our own choice.

When society changed its behavior towards that girl; why should she not change the norms of society? People stop complaining about flourishing unethical norms in society and stop saying old times were better. And start saying Older people were better who cared for honor selflessly, who protected societal norms, who cared for their children to make them constructive part of society and who cared for humanity.

Does that baby know what fate she acquired just after coming under the sun; or what treatment her own parents gave to her? Had she been knowing she would have refused to come to this world. She once will grow up will question herself if she was so uncalled for why her mother decided to give birth to her; my mother could have aborted me to avoid giving me a miserable life; she would assume probably it was too late and dangerous for her to abort me and she could not risked her life and destroyed mine. She would probably hate being a mother or even if she becomes somehow that i doubt will she be able to give normal life to her kids; for she had a complete abnormal life that she will instill in babies too. Will the society become suddenly cooperative towards her? and who will make sure that she being girl will not again suffer beastly by society. She would question that why her parents didn’t slaughter her on birth instead of leaving her on mercy of the world; why they became kind for keeping me alive, oh yeah!!! for them it would be sin to murder daughter and reminded them of ignorance age when daughters were either buried alive or slaughtered.

Blood will drip from her heart and she will feel the salt of hatred on her tongue; she would want to get rid of this blood; who’s DNA helps determining the identity of parents but she will not be able to do so. Blood running into her veins will become curse for her whole of life; and next day she will call sacred nuptial relationship just a dirt and frustration. She will call the man’s serum and woman’s menstrual blood filth; the union of both initiate the reproduction process and sacred relation gives birth to human being. She would think if she was filth and deserved to be in filth on first day of life; she should return to filth one can imagine what havoc such minds can create.

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Rubab Saleem

Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times


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  • Rubab: Very heartfelt post indeed! I was as saddened as you. Maybe one day we will learn how to live better in this world, where babies are not abandoned and mothers can remain as mothers. Thanks for the sharing!

  • I am reading first article of the author, it shows her deep observation and clear understanding of the event happening around us in daily life. Incident she mentioned in her article is not very common, but still it shows the lowest degree mental approach of the person who did this act, and same time she tried to explain the situation which mother of that baby must be facing and also of the baby who never came in this world to face this all on first day of life.

    • Nouman! This issue has deep roots in society; Mrs Balqees Edhi has disclosed every year almost 1200-1300 infants are being thrown.. just think “One Human Life” How parents asipre to rear their kids and best quality things education they want to give them.. and here we see child abandoned … and the remifications on society ..

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Rubab. The irony is that we do call our selves as developing nation, be it India or Pakistan, but the thoughts and rituals and the 2ndary treatment towards girl child still exists in our societies.
    The picture is not so very different in India too, the moment you move towards the rural and tribal areas.
    Very recently it was in news that a mother sold her child for Rs.400/- !! not because of any issue of legitimacy, but due to her poverty. She already had 3 4 kids and didnt had food to feed them.

    Now imagine, in todays times, when inflation has taken a simple staple food like Daal at Rs.70-80 per kg and rice at Rs.25-30 kgs (the least edible quality)…for how long she can feed her family on 400 bucks !!

    All over the world these things are happening, we don’t hear or feel much, because probably we think “move on, aur bhi gham hain zamaaney mein”..we have adapted ourselves to live with such realities.

  • Very sad story! It is a very common thing that is happening in India.Nothing could be done to stop this heinous crime! But yes we can stand by the side of these innocent angels…like great bollywood actor Mithuen Chakraborty did. One day he learned a baby girl is disposed to a garbage pock. He was so touched by this that he adopted her and now she is a grown up child staying with Mr. Chakraborty’s family.

    But, unfortunately, out of may be thousand cases this can happen.Rest children are either taken away for child labour or prostitution.Some are lucky to die in the garbage pock,though.

    We can’t stop this so easily, but the least we can do is to stand by the side of these kids.We can adopt an unwanted child and make them feel that they are the most revered gift of almighty god!

    Now again this is also not possible for many of us.In that case,we can donate some of our income to foundations like CRY,who is solely dedicated to these angels only.

    Children are future of a country.They are the messenger of god.They are the lovely flowers who deserves love,care and not this type of bestiality.

  • Uffffffff!Bada lamba article hai. So you were busy in writing this article. I can understand your concern and pain. These incidents are shocking and inhuman but the fact is that it is taking place India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. There are so many socio religious organizations are working, but social evils are growing. we have to think it over that whether these socio religious organizations are failed to fulfill their responsibility or society is out of control. There are so many incident took place in Hyderabad also Akhbar me es trah ki khabr ho ti hai ke Kachre ki kundi ek nou moulood (newly born). Last Para of your article reflects your anger .I suggests you to use this anger in optimistic manner to serve the humanity and become a human right activist

  • Well, it is not new to me. Ask Edhi Foundation how many babies they receive every day in their “jhoola” especially set up for such babies. The idea behind providing jhoola is to save lives of new born’s when due to multiple reasons their parents disown then.

    Not just poverty, I would say, but reasons like being a single parent here in this society pushes women to take such steps. Yes, it looks barbaric, but the mothers heart bleed too while committing anything like this.

    I am not here to defend any such mother, but from a distance trying my best to understand the reasons. Our society is very cruel in the first place and the norms it has set for women are not less than a challenge. Such decision of throwing your own child always stems from huge pressure and mental torture, and it is just not a simple case of insensitivity.

    The society needs to be changed and for every such child we all are responsible not just the parents/mother.

  • Had she been knowing she would have refused to come to this world

    Had she known,she would have refused to come into this world.

    These are scary stories,I want to help you with quicker english and shorter,theres lots of stuff in your article,not many mistakes,I will find the others and send better quotations and shorter words for your sentences.
    Thinking of you always.