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Simple Criminal Act or Political Motivation

Ruthless Assassination of Dr Imran Farooq, a founding leader of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and the organization’s first secretary general have as many perspective as one can imagine. Ranging from nature of the murder being political or criminal to the future of London’s image as safe heaven. Lets develop consensus at least on one hypothesis overlooking the Londonization that this is not a simple criminal act. There is a profound destructive political motivation behind it; be it within MQM or by someone in Government. However it won’t be too logical to reach to a conclusion prior to the investigation conducted British anti-terrorism squad, a 20-member team collecting further evidences to remove the doubts arising after Dr. Imran Farooq’s murder on the security loopholes of the country.

Who so ever is behind this act; has a clear motive of bringing chaos by destroying the peace in country. Chaos in shape of retaliation, agitation or a complete simple vengeance where blood for blood is the guiding rule. MQM has a reputation for congregating several lakhs on roads against any issue and never been difficult task for these people to disrupt the life in Economic hub of Pakistan. Only fear surrounded common Pakistani after news of Dr. Imran Farooq broke was insanity in Karachi. Kudos to Muttahida Qaumi Movement MQM vegillence; this time didn’t let it happen or probably the MQM circles smelt the rat. Acts aiming chaos are condemnable; however can be a signal to MQM too lending ears from them and indicating expectancy of events of similar nature.

Dr Imran Farooq was Muttahida loyalists; key figures who laid the foundation for the All Pakistan Mohajir Students’ Organisation (APMSO), which in early 80s, the APMSO was converted into a fully fledged political party to promote the cause of the Urdu-speaking popuce, mainly in Karachi and other parts of urban Sindh. However with passage of time MQM wished to establish a status of National party rather than leading a cult’s rights. In Musharraf’s era only MQM got recognition. Dr. Imran farooq was among once in most wanted list, was stabbed to death outside his flat.

Two theories in this regard are standing clearly juxtaposed jabbing faces of politicians if any of these two proves to be true.

First: Establishment itself has fabricated whole scenario to thwart MQM from the slogans of Revolution via Land Reforms. Supporting this theory an analysis of who will get what by doing this and how? Army is engaged in ongoing flood relief efforts; if they have other options to work on will certainly not be murdering Dr. Imran Farooq. Hypothetically congruing to to a designed murder by establishment; Regardless of Altaf Hussain’s recent criticism on Government can be only reason for committing an act of this nature. Where as interests of the Governments allow them to adopt undercover strategies for sustainability of governance. Arguing to this very Theory government will be having nothing in hands for face saving in case if fingers are pointed towards it; as MQM is one of the major coalition partner in Government besides already having too many irons in the fire including the world’s deadliest flood. Opening a new pandora box will tear Government in shreds any way.

Second: MQM contrived formula hunting two hares with one arrow; one getting rid of a man who probably was sidelined by mainstream leadership of MQM for certain reasons and winning sympathies from people and government on this pretext. He was stabbed on eve of Altaf Hussian party’s leader’s Birthday that have been the biggest celebration for the workers of MQM. Peeling this theory brings  several questions in minds that must be answered to prove this wrong e.g. the suspended status of Dr. Imram Farooq from the managerial structure for two years despite the fact he was the organisation’s first secretary general, and founding member of MQM. His and his family’s sacrifices for the party are innumerable and unpayable. Sole reasons for establishing of party like MQM and its expansion is also big question mark.

Few weeks back when MQM-MPA Raza haider was murdered; a hue and cry was noticed among the party fraction resulting several dozens killings in Karachi. But now assassination of the mainstream political leader regardless of his inactivity in party ten days morning is announced along with cancellation of birthday festivities across the world. However keeping murder of key person under wraps and staying quite is prudent approach but still eye brows raising question.

Little bird has whispered that he was suspended due to his disagreement on the major decision making with the leadership of MQM. MQM is known for its anti-establishment work plan since its establishment. However since Dr. Imran Farooq left Pakistan in 1999 coercively claiming asylum ever since MQM started sitting in governments. Dr. Imran farooq appearantly was of the view to return to an ideology for broader interests of party expansion in whole country rather than reducing it to Karachi based party only. That was not possible to accept for the mainstream political leadership sitting in assemblies to shun the authority and protocol they are enjoying currently. Thus was easy to bust single person’s ambitions rather than sacrificing whole lot of politicians in party while sympathies were coming as additional benefit.

However these all are the hypothesis; Scotland Yard will find the culprit soon as they are they most competent police force in world. We all would want to see the culprit strangulated publicly. However a MQM worker yesterday said MQM is family, my answer to him was “Pakistan is Family”. Anyone in family inflicted whole family suffers. Everyone is feeling the pain for his merciless murder; for me those two small kids are more important; i can empathize their troubles more as September 17th was my father’s 22nd death anniversary too.

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Rubab Saleem

Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times


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  • Uhmmmm. Nice piece… Can some person from Sindh Provincial Assembly with proven criminal record do this to fix MQM? Which part have more landlords who can face problem if MQM start blackmailing government as they did on issue of Kala Bagh Dam to Mush? I think you should try to work on Flow of “DONATIONS” from all the ministries assumed by MQM parliamentarians. You know in MUSH era every government employee have to give donation in party fund who want to get alloted a house or flat in Islamabad? Where those donations go? There are 100 of likewise aspects which can be cause of murder of Dr. Imran Farooq. Where is MQM H? Can they do it?

  • Good article, it is informative and analytical. You have rightly mentioned that anyone in family inflicted whole family suffers. I believe that all Muslims are belongs to one family, that’s why we have concern for the people of Kashmir, philistine, Iraq. Afghanistan. Here I want to mention one thing clearly it is not simple criminal act, politics of mohajir movement clearly reflected.
    This article is very emotional and touches the heart because you have mention about the two kids and express your concern about them, as you having the pain because you lost your father in your early childhood. Now I understand the situations. Dard ko sirf aap hi mahsoos kar sakti hain.Allaha aap ko saber Jameel ata kare,Aap ke valid ki magfirat farmai aour unke darjaat ko buland kare aour janat ul firdouse me unhe muqam ata kare .Amin

    • Lateef!! on daily basis in Pakistan several kids are becoming orphans.. and wives are becoming widows.. this political game is really dirty.. no respect left for human beings..

  • Concept of universal brotherhood should be implemented as per the teaching of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) to get rid of this mohajir movement. If any discrimination and violation of human rights is there it should be stop immediately. Rubab saheba you must come forward and start civil liberties movement in Pakistan