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Legal action to be taken against water, air polluters: Afridi


ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Environment Hameedullah Jan Afridi has warned all industrial sector organizations that are becoming sources of industrial waste to initiate safety measures and ensure installation of treatment plants in their respective industries on emergent basis to impede water and air pollution otherwise legal actions would be taken against them and environmental laws would be strictly implemented.

He instructed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to take action against those industrial organizations which were releasing dangerous smoke without proper treatment and that are not taking action to stop inclusion of sewerage disposal into clean water. He said legal action should also be taken against all those concerned government officials who had failed to perform the duties in implementing environmental laws.

He issued these directives while chairing a meeting of Environment Ministry officials to review the main causes of environmental degradation, said a press release here Wednesday. He said that water and air polluters are national culprits and they would be treated under the law. The minister said that Special Monitoring Cell has been constituted by the Ministry of Environment to monitor industrial organizations. He urged all factories, mills and industrial owners to act upon environmental laws and promote healthy environmental practices.

The minister appealed to the citizens to identify those industrial units which are disposing off industrial waste in clean drinking water resources without treatment. He said the government would ensure to take legal action against them. He urged that environmental protection is the responsibility of every citizen and Ministry of Environment is taking concrete measures in this context with the participation of general public.

He emphasized on different environmental protection and welfare organizations to not only depend on just organizing seminars and workshops but also promote outdoor activities while visiting congested cities, industrial zones and business sectors and critically analyze the environmental issues, likewise identify those segments which are working against environmental laws.

Moreover Afridi expressed the need to highlight and aware different segments of society about environmental issues. He said that effective and comprehensive awareness campaign should be started with involvement of general public, students and public private sector. He added that through environment friendly initiatives, we would be able to face environmental challenges and natural disasters like flood, climate change and unexpected rainfalls etc. He also expressed the need for cooperation of international community.

The minister while sharing his views said that government is committed to overcome environmental issues and with cooperation of media and general community targets can be achieved easily. He advised all concerned officials of the meeting to submit their weekly report about their regular visits to industrial zones and business states.-NNI



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