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Healthy Environment is important to produce Healthy Minds

Balance is inevitable to keep a beautiful life to go in every aspect be it Physical, mental, emotional or relationships. Besides body our mind also needs rest. Computer hard Disc and our mind work in similar manner; the way storing data in computer without taking care of space corrupts windows and results in hanging of computers – similarly giving not proper rest to brain makes it slow. Brain needs rest particularly when much hectic work is being taken from brain e.g. school going kids and working professional in various fields that call for brainy exercises regularly. Brain needs sufficient rest and balance in our lives just not because a professional and practical life ascending but to maintain what we have currently.

No need to mention that several hundred schools in Pakistan only focus on studies to produce cramming parrots but do not emphasize on students’ all round performance. In such schools students are not given a platform to show their skills and abilities. And gradually they start to lose their self confidence; resulting in ending of self esteem making them afraid of failures. Their fears make them a useless thing despite the fact they can be the most useful entities for society. Such Schools become jail for students as they exhaust themselves from studies. On other hand it is observed that students who have co-curricular activities including games, Girl guides, recreational trips, sports , quiz, dramatic supports and debating competitions etc are far more sharper then the students who have no activity but studies. They are confident, disciplined, patriotic ,open-minded and independent. They enjoy studies besidesextra mural activities can also help them to prepare for the challenges of future.

With introduction of these co-curicular activities social involvement is also important factor e.g. taking students to blind schools, old-aged houses, Sports events, discussion Forums, Charity raising, Fire Brigade offices, and community activities on mass levels will help developing civic sense among them that will not only make them good students but good citizens too.

However there are many schools that arrange activities in contrast to our culture and religion. Thus it is also needed to provide an environment that is not responsible for divergence from Islam. Because these student will establish later a coherent society in future. Hence for growth of a healthy mind; healthy environment comprising of healthy activities to students keeping Pakistani cultural and religious values in mind is important.

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