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Accountability shall be across the board: PM

Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani has declared that Government will protect the constitution and the parliament. He said that accountability shall be across the board including politicians, judiciary, armed forces and bureaucrats and the government and opposition shall adopt the accountability bill with consensus.“I shall support the accountability bill. Speaking at National Assembly tonight, he said they cannot be brow-beaten by conspiracies to oust elected Government and bring someone else. He informed the assembly that Votes of members are the valid way to come into Parliament. He added technocrats system has been failed in Bangladesh, and technocrats would not be allowed to enjoy two seats on single ticket.

The Prime Minister said we respect the constitution and sovereignty of the parliament and will extend fullest possible support if every institution works within the parameters of the 1973 constitution. He said the government respects judgments of the judiciary. He said Government will not encroach upon the domain of others and will not allow others to encroach upon its domain. Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani regretted that there are frequent references to corruption by parliamentarians and politicians despite the fact they go through an accountability process right from the stage of filing of nomination papers at the time of contesting elections. They also declare assets while others do not. The Prime Minister said the parliamentarians should get united when it comes to sovereignty of the parliament.

He said there is awareness among masses and we should respect and not insult their consciousness. He also urged the media to respect the parliament as all institutions derive powers from the parliament. He pointed out that media too has offered sacrifices for democracy and they should work for its strengthening.

He held out an assurance that the Government would welcome debate on the flood situation so as to solicit proposals for mitigating sufferings of the affected people. Earlier, leader of the opposition Ch. Nisar Ali Khan regretted that an NGO has made an issue out of declaration of assets by parliamentarians conveying an impression as if they have amassed wealth illegally. He urged the Government to expedite passage of the accountability law that ensures across the board accountability. Speaker Dr. Fehmida Mirza said it is her duty to protect the parliament and she will do so. She proposed that the parliament should frame laws to initiate contempt of parliament proceedings against those who breach privilege of this supreme institution.

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