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Resist the Hindutva Terrorism and Combat it Unitedly

There is no discrimination of caste, religion, and region in the Indian constitution and every one is equal in doing justice in the case of crime-punishment. Whereas, because of the incidents that are taking place in the state and in the country, one particular community is targeted and labeled as terrorists. Media and police is publicizing that the people living in a particular area are suspicious. However, in the changing scenario when the Hindutva terrorism is exposed, the government has become biased and it’s soft corner towards them is against the rule of law and thus this will lead this country towards anarchy.

The government and the CBI were forced to announce the names of Hindutva terrorists. Even then, there are no stories and articles in media on this issue. The media and the government is naming these people as suspect or Hindu extremists where as when the innocent Muslim youth were arrested they were labeled as terrorists and widely publicized.

One is drawn to believe that the police personnel and the government is showing soft corner towards the “Khaki shorts” (Khakhi Nikker) who are taking to violence, rowdism which are against the principles of the civilized society and democratic values. The Hindutva terrorists acts are going on not only in their states but also other states, with this it is clear as to what extent the soft corner of government agencies and the so called respected civil society towards these people has increased.

By 18 May 2010, three years have been completed for the Makkah Masjid bomb blast. Five persons died in the blast and nine persons lost their lives in the subsequent police firing. In the same year i.e. on 25 August 2007, 41 people including 18 Muslims died in the blasts that took place in Lumbini Park and Gokul Chat eatery. If one has to know and understand about the role of media and police officials in publicizing untruths, one has to remind themselves the consequences that took place after the blasts.

Within five minutes of bomb blast at Makkah Masjid in 2007, police announced the name of Shahed Bilal responsible for this blast and said that he is the member of an organization named Harkatul Jihad-e-Islam (HuJI). Media published this news in the front-page headlines. Even after the bomb blasts at Lumbini Park and Gokul Chat in August 2007, police announced that Shahed Bilal is responsible for these blasts as well. Hundreds of Muslim youth were arrested and only 28 youth were shown as arrested. They said that HuJI organization is operating from Bangladesh and arrested Bengali Youth living in Hyderabad for the past 25 years. Muslim youths were arrested on the name of investigation and conspiracy cases were booked against them. They sensitized these arrests through media as if they have achieved something great. They supplied CDs of interrogation during Narco test. Police gained nothing apart from this. Later it was announced proudly by the police personnel that Shahed Bilal was killed in the encounter at Karachi in the month of August and the Hyderabad police also took part in it. Who is responsible for the loss beared by the youth who were arrested and suffered third degree torture. Are the police personnel not responsible who showed extra ordinary enthusiasm by using media mechanism? Why are they not accepting their deeds?

The persons who kill common people and innocents have to be punished according to the law, whereas, labeling a particular community in a biased manner is injustice. It has become common that whenever and wherever any bomb blast occurs, it is declared that Lashkar-e-Taiba, and ISI hands are involved in the blast and it is also declared that Pakistan’s hand is behind the incident much before doing Panchnaama of dead bodies. And in the process of investigation and during interrogation the evidence starts diminishing and later at the end police says that they do not know anything.

What was the great police of the state and the CBI doing until Hemant Karkare found out the involvement of Hindutva terrorists during his investigation on Malegaon blasts? There are many suspicions on the death of Hemanth Karkare who was killed during Mumbai incident.

The growing Hindutva terrorist’s power that started from Babri Masjid destruction has been overlooked in the country because of which bomb blasts are taking place again and again. First time in the Babri Masjid they used latest technology i.e. implosives. Then in the year 2003, bomb was tried to explode at Ghansipur in Bhopal, then in 2005 bomb blast took place at Jalna Parbhani Masjid in Maharastra, on 14 April 2006 at Jama Masjid, in 2006 at Malegoan, Samjhauta Express blast in 2007, Blast at Ajmer in October 2007, Goa Blast in 2009, and other many number of blasts were carried out by them. Moreover, not only this, in 2006 bajrang Dal activists were killed while making bombs at Nanded and on 24 August 2008 at Kanpur in the same manner. In the Gujarat genocide, thousands of people were killed ruthlessly by using the gas cylinders, chemical powder, petrol, kerosene etc.

As part of ‘Operation Hindu Rajya’, whose single agenda is to convert whole India into a Hindu nation and the organizations working with this aim and came into light are Abhinav Bharat, Sanathan Sanstha etc. are all ‘Khaki Shorts’ (Khakhi Nikkar) organizations. Sadhvi Pragnya Singh Thakur, Colonel Purohit and recently arrested Devender Gupta, Chandra Shekhar, Ramji Kalsangra and Sandeep Dange who have not come under the grip of Police and CBI are some of the examples. For the purpose of protecting democracy, the first thing for which we have to fight is against the soft attitude towards these organizations. With the people’s democratic spirit, their uncivilized thoughts and deeds should be stopped. Sangh Parivar should be declared as the foremost enemy of democracy.

Politics of Terrorism and Suspicion:
Hindutva terrorists did number of blasts all over India, but the Makkah Masjid blast is totally different from all those blasts, because police started firing on the people immediately after the blast, in which more number of people died in the firing than in the blast. During that time, two terrorists’ acts took place one was Bomb Terror and the second one was Police Terror.

Another important thing about this blast is that two FIRs were registered for one single incident. One case was handed over to CBI and the police themselves kept other, with which, they targeted the innocent Muslim youth.

After this terrorist act one more important thing that happened and is continuing to happen is that, the community is neither allowed to cry on the coffins of the dead people, there is no proper counting of the people died and injured because there was lot of pressure from the police personnel to hurriedly bury the dead bodies, and till now not even a homage is allowed to pay for the people killed in the bomb terror and police terror.

The main object of Makkah Masjid blast was to demoralize and terrorize the Muslim community and they gave a clear indication that we can kill you by entering in your own house as well. In the second act of terror, i.e. police firing was to suppress the Muslim community to neither raise their voice, agitate nor help their brothers who were injured in the blast.

On the other hand, media also played its role to terrorize Muslim community by blaming them for this terror act without investigating the reality, so that they cannot live peacefully with respect and dignity. They also isolated the other community from Muslim community by repeatedly showing and labeling Muslims as terrorists.

It is a matter of fact that the non-Muslim community is the victim of blast terror, whereas the Muslim community is terrorized from all the sides, it is the victim of not only Blasts terror, but also of Police terror, Hindutva terror, state terror as well as media terror.

Politics on Batla House encounter killing
It is a matter of deep concern that after completion of two years of Batla house encounter killing government of India did not initiate any measure to provide justice, it did not even order any judicial enquiry and ignored the popular demand of local people. Here congress double standard is exposed, one side congress senior leader dropped hints of it being “fake” during his recent visit to Azamgarh he openly stated, “I have seen the photographs of the youths killed in the encounter. I think there should be a probe,” he also promised to make efforts for the speedy trial of accused in one court and was seemingly worried with the way National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) carried out a one-sided inquiry. It seems that Singh is an attempt of the Congress party to reach out to the minority community, which is angry at the way the security forces have targeted them under the guise of their ‘war against terror’. “UPA’s dubious policy of extending healing touch on one hand and the arrests, propaganda and delayed trials on the other continues. Also, the photographs of the deceased have been in circulation since the day of their burial. Why has the Congress-led UPA consistently bulldozed the demand for a fair probe, hiding behind the so called enquiry conducted by NHRC?”

It will be interesting to watch how the congress UPA government squares with Singh’s observations about the Batla House encounter that took place in 2008. After all they not only declared a Delhi Police officer, MC Sharma, a martyr, but also gave him a gallantry medal. From this standpoint if the encounter is declared as fake then how will they explain Sharma’s gallantry? Here one can understand that batla house encounter killing is nothing but to suppress the Muslim community by labeling them as terrorist, it is a part of Hindutva agenda to defame them and isolate them from the majority community and to keep them away from mainstream. This clearly reflects that Muslims are not terrorist instead they are victim of state sponsored terror and Indian ruling class attitude is same and nothing much difference on targeting Muslims in the name of fight against terror the policy is same but methods are different.

The mastermind of these politics is no one else but the Indian ruling class, who is nurturing these kinds of people and also protecting them, not only from recent years but from hundreds of years. The result of which is the killing of the Gandhi after independence.

How the police is targeting the Muslim community can be understood by the examples such as, police is suspecting the engineering students by saying that they are manufacturing the bombs, the example is of Imran, an engineering student. His books became tool for manufacturing bombs. Another example is Dr. Junaid, his medicines became the explosives & RDX and he himself became the suspect of providing medical treatment to the terrorists. The third example is an ordinary youth Rayeesuddin, an electrician; his work was linked with technical help in preparing bombs. The other example is an auto rickshaw driver, Abdul Raheem, as he is a driver he was blamed to be importing and exporting explosives from one place to another.

Finally, to understand the politics of terrorism, one has to go through the killing of Sohrabuddin and Kausar Bibi, in which not only the police of three states i.e. Gujarat, Rajasthan and Hyderabad are involved but also the Indian ruling class belonging to the BJP and Congress parties. These parties are playing politics on the debris of the dead bodies of the Muslim community. Congress and BJP are the two sides of the same coin. According to a victim of Gujarat, Congress gets the power by showing the dead bodies of Muslims and Modi gets power by showing the Muslims as terrorists.

Therefore to resist the Hindutva terrorism all the Democrats, women organizations, Dalit & BC organizations should get united and bring awareness among people to fight against the increasing activities of Hindutva terrorists in our country. The base of Democracy is Secularism, and the protection of the secular values is everyone’s responsibility. It should be kept in mind that injustice is anywhere threat to justice everywhere.

About the author

Lateef Mohammad khan

Civil Liberties Activist from India,and working for the protection of human rights and civil liberties of all people.I am working to monitor, document, advocate, and educate about civil rights and rights abuses by law enforcement agencies and other Government and non Government agencies In In India


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  • Hindutva terrorism is now exposed. It is a great threat not only for Muslims but for all the human beings because it has powered by Zionism

  • You pakistanis have no right to talk about terrorism.99% of terrorists in the world are muslims.Hindus take extreme measures only for self defence.

  • My Dear Indian you are right,the real Hindus are not in terror acts,but the people having Hindutva are terrorist.The real and ugly face of these people and organisations i.e nothing but RSS gang exposed in Mecca Masjid and Ajmier sharief bomb blasts

  • Hindutva Terrorism is not actually a terrorism.It is actually a self defence and I do agree with Indian.’Islamic’ terrorism on the other hand is not actually related to Islam though! Islam is a religion of peace like Hinduism. None of the religion teach us terrorism and I do appreciate that my Muslim brothers are now understanding this fact.Unfortunately, most of the terrorist are having a ‘Muslim’ name and they spread terrorism in the name of Islam. So, main focus and challenge should be around Muslim Intellectuals and individuals to show the world “MUSLIMS are not terrorists”. Instead of pinching Hindus it will be great if Muslim youths and people can take this challenge to remove the DARK STAIN of terrorism from their religion and culture.

    Let Islam be respected as a tolerant and peace loving religion around the world alongside with Hinduism(though, it is more a culture than a religion.Once Zakir Naik quoted “I am geographically or culturally a Hindu, but religiously I am a Muslim”)& other religions.

    Whole world does not consider Hindus as terrorist but Islam and its followers are always seen with a eye of doubt! So it is the peak time to ‘Check’ where is the fault, rather than charging other people’s religion which can be sensitive and can turn out at bitterness and violence.

    Love humanity and make humanity as religion.Love people, love your country.

    Insaniyaat Zindabaad!