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Operation Green Hunt is a war hysteria of Indian Ruling Class

Imperialists are always in search of enemies and war to take over the natural resources under their control, which is a historical fact. By using the same tactics, America that is standard-bearer of heinous Imperialism in this world, declared war on Iraq by showing Saddam Hussain as enemy in the name of fight against Terrorism, over looking all the International Laws; targeted lakhs of Iraqi citizens and hanged Saddam Hussain to death. America spread the propaganda that Saddam Hussain possesses very dangerous weapons including bio – chemical weapons that are dangerous for the population of the world. In fact, this kind of danger, people never had from the side of Iraq or Saddam Hussain. Instead, America wanted to occupy and control the natural resources of Iraq i.e. the oil storehouses, by showing the dangerous enemy. It almost succeeded in doing so. However, the American rulers and American citizens are paying the price for the above; hatred is growing against them in the world. The democratic protest of these atrocities is the throwing of a shoe, on Bush by Muntazir Zaidi.

The same kind of condition is of the Indian rulers because psychologically they are the slaves of American Imperialism and act according to the American Imperialist rulers. The clear example of this is, the Indian rulers after selling the precious lands of the cities to the Multi National Companies, are now eying on the natural resources left, which are in the mountains spread all over the country. The rich minerals are under these mountains and these mountains have thick forests. The tribal are living on these mountains and in forests since thousands of years with their unique culture and tradition. These tribal are unaware of the world other than theirs. Even after 62 years of independence, they have been neither provided with food, clothes, and shelter nor with education and medical facilities. Not even a school is built in those areas as a token of development. Whereas the Naxals have stronghold on these tribal areas. The thick forests protect these Naxalites and the Naxalites not only protect these Tribals but also provide basic facilities. This way the revolutionary movement has made way in the hearts of the Tribals.

The government of India has handed over the natural resources by signing number of Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) with Multi National Companies (MNCs). Signing MOUs was easy but in practical, taking these natural resources under their control and handing over to them is impossible, of which the government of India is well aware. These MNCs are in fact the companies of American Imperialism and America establishes its rule through these companies itself. Indian rulers are the slaves of these, therefore Indian rulers by following the foot steps of American Imperialist rulers have owned the methods to occupy and control the natural resources, which America is habituated of showing one enemy and declaring war against it. Like wise Indian government also has shown Naxals as enemy and declared them as most dangerous for national security, and thus started war against them with the name ‘Operation Green Hunt’.

In these areas, people related to CPI ML (Maoists) are living there since 30-40 years. In addition, the Indian government until recently has been looking towards this revolutionary party from the angle of local and social aspects. However, the people look towards them with great respect and sympathy.

However, suddenly from the end of the year 2006, the Indian government while declaring them as the most danger for the country, started presenting them as terrorists. The Indian government started doing all this to appease America and to get timely benefits for themselves, on the name of war against terrorism. MNCs have played an important role in all this, because the revolutionary movement is strictly against these MNCs and the MOUs signed with them.

The Tribals living in widely spread mountains and the thick forests, their lives are already in danger because the government wants to get rid of these people and to handover the forests & mountains to the MNCs. For this purpose, they have been induced by all the means, showing them golden dreams. Therefore, when these tribals did not come under their clutches, the government tried to remove them by creating fear and terrorizing them. For this the government tried its level best to create differences among them, so that they fight among themselves, which is the part of the government’s policy of divide and rule. Under this, Salwa Judum named organization was formed under the guidance of government, in which the Tribals themselves were recruited and guns were handed over to them. Apart from this, specially trained security forces were sent to these forest areas, whose brutality can be understood by their name itself, namely Grey Hounds, Cobra, and Scorpion. Along with this, Para Military forces, CRPF, BSF and Naga battalion forces are also present there. Whether Salwa Judum or Para Military Forces, they resort to all kinds of violence on the Tribals. Violation of laws, killings, burning the Tribals is a common thing for them. Because of this violence, three lakhs of Tribals of Dantewada itself have been forced of displacement. The headquarters of Para Military Forces is being built in the forests of Bilaspur, because of which nine villages will be destroyed. Airbase is being built in the Rajnanand village because of which seven villages have been destroyed. This way arrangement is ready for Operation Green Hunt. Indian Air Forces have been granted permission to fire on the people in the name of self-defense.

Now the question that arises is on whom will they fire bullets? How will be the security forces able to differentiate between naxalites and the tribals? Because, these Tribals carry bows and arrows on their shoulders and spears in their hands, which is part of their culture. This way, a common Tribal would be a Naxalite for the army. The government missionary considers every tribal as Maoist who posses any urban material. In Dantewada, 19 tribals were killed on the name of Naxalites. When the investigating team enquired with the SP about how they should believe that they were Maoists, he replied saying, is it not enough to believe that they had medicines of malaria and dettol bottles with them.

With this one can imagine what kinds of torture and violence is done to the poor citizens of India living in far off areas of forests. And on the name of operation Green Hunt, which kind of war would take place and what would be the extent of violence, is unimaginable. Knowing any kind of news from these areas has become difficult, whether it may be Lalgarh or Dantewada, these areas have been blocked.

In fact, the Operation Green Hunt is done under the pressure of MNCs. The Indian ruling class is also part of these MNCs. There is no doubt that, many Chief Ministers and central ministers play the role of CEOs. These people have sold the mountains full of minerals to the MNCs. These MNCs are so powerful that they can buy anything and anyone. At present, the policy-making department, administration and media are all under their control. These MNCs have arranged their own agencies and militia. Vedanta is a multi National Company, which is one of the biggest mining companies of the world; the owner of this company is Anil Agarwal, a multi-billionaire, who lives in London; he is the owner of a palace in London, which was once under the king of Iran, and presently resides in it, with this one can imagine about his wealth. Apart from Vedanta, the other MNCs such as Mittal, Jindal, Tata, Essar, Bosco, Rio-Tinto, and BHP Billion have made agreements with Government and bought all the forests and mountains full of minerals, and now they want to shift these precious treasures from here. The cost of Bauxite present in the mountains of Andhra and Orissa is of four trillion dollars. In Chattisgarh and Jharkhand the high quality of Iron ore is present. Apart from this, there is Uranium, Limestone, Dolonite, Coal, Granite, Marble, Copper, Diamonds, Gold, Quartzite, Corundum, Braille, Silicon, Flouride, Garnate in 25 other areas. There is a forest on these mountains which is known as Dandakaranya forest, which is spread from West Bengal to Jharkhand, Orrissa, Chattisgarh, Andhra and Maharashtra. These are the shelter places of lakhs of Indian Tribals but these have now become the properties of MNCs. This way India has once again come under the rule of companies.

Taking all these things into consideration, it can be said that India has entered into a serious situation and definitely civil war kind of conditions have emerged. Because under the slavery of MNCs, the Indian Government has taken steps for the Militarization to extract Bauxite from Mountains and other minerals from the forests. And the enemy needed for this war craze is the Maoists, whereas in reality the people who are shown as Maoists by the government are the Tribals who live in the forests spread over thousands of kilometers. These people have started protest against the tyrannical policies and to protect their water, forests and lands with the slogan, “we will give our lives, but will never give land”. This daring and fearless resistance of Tribals is enough to label them as Maoists.

The above act of resistance of Tribals is justifiable, because Indian Parliament and Judiciary have failed in providing justice to them. Whereas assurance has been given by the Indian constitution that the lives and the lands of the Tribals would be protected.

When the constitutional rights of the most poor citizens of India are violated, then every person present in civil society who believe in democracy and justice, who respect human rights and citizen rights, those people should raise voice against this violence and hence they should know that the struggle for the protection of water, forests and lands of Tribals is not only for the Tribal but also for the bio-sphere and to maintain environmental balance of the earth. This fact also should be considered that if the complete war is broken out on the name of ‘Operation Green Hunt’, then it would be a non ending war; and the effects of this war would be on each and every citizen of India. This war would be affecting the lives of common man and in this war poor people’s lives will be lost


As it was already said in the beginning that the Indian ruling class is the slave of the American Imperialists and follows its footsteps. After 9/11, the American president had declared crusade against terrorism and had also said that, ‘you are either with us or against us in the fight against terror’. In the same manner Indian government while using the Bush formula, denied the living rights of the most poor citizens of the country by declaring war against the so called Red Terror on the name of Operation Green Hunt and also has given warning to the citizens of India who believe on democracy, that if you are not with us then you are with the naxalites. This way it is also an attempt to bring fear, terrorize and silence the activists of Citizen Rights and human rights of India. Among all this, the minds of the Indian ruling class have been blocked. Apart from dollar, neither they can see nor hear anything. In fact, they have forgotten the most horrible condition of America in Iraq and Afghanistan. America is looked upon with hatred all over the world. America has collapsed economically. Thousands of American soldiers have lost their lives. America even if it wants cannot come out of this war. The same thing will happen in this country as well. Whereas the difference would be that American army is killing people of other countries or getting killed, whereas in India, the army would be killing its own citizens or would be killed by its own people, this way civil war will be started and this country will never be able to come out of this marsh of war. Therefore the government should open its eyes before destroying itself with its own hands. Militarization should be stopped immediately. Problems should be solved through the way of talks. The condition of laying down arms is not proper for the talks. Because the arms and strength of Maoists is weaker compared to the army of Indian government.

Therefore it is the responsibility of the Indian government to take first step to make the conditions peaceful. The army should be called back from the areas to restore confidence among the tribals and Maoists. Government should stop threatening statements against CPI (Maoists) and torture against its activists. In response, Maoists should also stop their militant activities and should not make aggressive statements against anyone. Salwa Judum and other similar organizations working under the guidance of the government should be closed immediately. Ban on CPI (Maoists) should be lifted up, so that pleasant atmosphere is created. If this does not happen and if this madness of war continues by Indian rulers, then the same thing will happen similar to things happened with Bush in Iraq; Bush had to face the shoe of Muntazir Zaidi but there are crores of shoes in India, which would tear down the face of Indian rulers.

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Civil Liberties Activist from India,and working for the protection of human rights and civil liberties of all people.I am working to monitor, document, advocate, and educate about civil rights and rights abuses by law enforcement agencies and other Government and non Government agencies In In India


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