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Denial of the Divine Force

“God was not needed to create the Universe” – is the latest controversial claim by the famous Physicist Stephen Hawking in his recent book ‘The Grand Design’. He and his co-writer Leonard Mlodinow has claimed to solve the greatest mystery of this Universe.

They have unanimously rejected Sir Isaac Newton’s theory that ‘Universe was set in motion by God and given their verdict as if there is no role of the Creator in creating this Universe. They have described the evolution of the whole universe in the domain of Scientific Laws. But he says he understands the feeling of the great English scientist Isaac Newton that God did “create” and “conserve” order in the universe.

“Spontaneous creation is the reason why there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist,” he writes in the excerpt

Hawking has also claimed that due to laws such as gravity, the universe is created from ‘Nothing’ (on its own) and this is how universe came into being.

Last week on Larry King Live – the co-writer of the book was interrupted by the famous spiritual teacher – Deepak Chopra. Chopra blasted off the theory in a very polite and calming way. He described the theory of Nothingness to be seamless and going nowhere. He further explained with relative examples that it would be unjust and absolute immatureness with the nature if we deny the role of the Divine force.

This recent controversial book has given rise to many complex issues. The controversy falls righteously into the court of Atheists and it’s upon them how they use it and convert it into a match-point. They have been denying the existence of God since long time and this statement gives them an edge. On the other hand extremists who never ever believed in Science and laws of Physics would stand rigid and more concrete to their baseline. They have always claimed every act as a natural divine act and never accepted the scientific explanations. This argument is giving birth to a question ‘Is Science the enemy of the religion?’

People like me and may students who adore Hawking’s research and work for science for all these years are extremely disappointed and offended by this argument. Hawking has gone far away and beyond the concept of metaphysics. We can not separate the role of the creator from it creation. It seems to be absurd that the universe is created on its own out of a space called ‘Nothing’.

Sheer disappointment for Stephen Hawking’s fans. Answers to some questions and mysteries are beyond human minds intellect. They should remain unsolved. If not; this is what happens, the outcomes are pretty strange, vivid and baseless. Even a dedicated genius tangles it all and complicates it to solve such a riddle, just to reach the ultimate peak of knowledge. Struggling to seek knowledge and landing into no mans land where there is No-thing-ness. The Denial of the Divine force is something that can’t be    ignored or forgotten.

The book is published by Bantam Books in 2010 and out in the market, please do read it.

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