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Books VS Internet

Books and Internet both are the best companion of human beings who have the knowledge how to read the books and how to use internet. There are few differences between books and internet in terms of comparison. Books and internet both are the sources of getting knowledge and information but the ways to access books/print media and internet varies.

Comparison between Books and Internet is not complex that cricket match of India vs. Pakistan. Simple as to understand the meaning of Tea vs. Coffee or Pepsi vs. Coke which serve same purposes with few ingredients changed. Similarly books vs. internet both serve same purpose in different manner or the ways of elaborating things are different.

People used to write letters or communicate via posting letters where as paper was inevitable element in recent history. However with advent of new technologies and modern media shapes of communication has changed. Thus slowly and steadily electronic media or computer world played role in shutting off the market of books and papers. Further the internet provided e-versions of books and newspapers that were earlier available in hard form.

Books on particular subjects though provide knowledge but limitized reading unless books on same subjects from other authors are consulted; whereas several bookshops and libraries in this regard will have to be visited. While using internet leaves people in position to access as many as columns, articles, encyclopedias and authors in same browser and in no time.

As this is the globalized world and globalization give access to every ordinary human being to learn whatever they want and from wherever they want so internet is the great thing to be used in this globalization era. Globalization did not effect books in a way. People who used to read books still read books. And Print media are still the same as it was few years ago. There is no doubt that internet does have millions of resources to search and research; in addition it is available at significantly lower price than prices of books. Mobile revolution has changed the shape of reading habits as books can be downloaded on phones too; and later can be read anywhere, as to mobile phones can be taken anywhere.

I personally believe internet is better than books. There are several reasons in favour of internet usage over books.  Books only get published when there is a market large enough to make the effort of publishing them worthwhile, that means if you are interested in a very niche subject there may not be a good range of books available for you. On contrary, internet are so easily accessible you can find a large selection of books online that have been written by expert authors.

On bookshop it sometimes be hard to find what you are looking for, bookshops only have limited selection of books and ordering books take weeks to arrive, or that may have gone out of print and aren´t available any longer. Whereas, internet content neither goes out of print nor wait is a condition to purchase. Once content is onlined, it stays online furthermore books can be bought from internet too in hard form.

Internet content and books on internet are cheaper than printed books. Some are even given away free online for specific time period. Because no paper or ink is used to produce internet material and there is no need to deliver them over physical distances, they cause less harm to the environment. Internet is greener way to read. These are few reasons according to me for using internet. However there are few organisations working for environment argue with the greener nature of Internet.

For scholarly purpose printed books are better than internet because for scholarly books internet sometime don´t have access to that or they may have to be a payable material which you can´t afford to. So it’s better to use printed books for scholarly purpose from which provides access to every page and every topic without having any difficulty.

I came up with an answer `No´on inquired about the passion of reading books that i had earlier.  My answer to me was internet has taken over it. Now more habituated to read on internet, simply said ebook (electronic book) has taken over from hard forms of books. And I think 90% of people give the same answer as i gave to myself after asking this question.

Why to prefer Internet over books; reasons are:

> Internets are more portable due to virtual nature with quick and easy access to hundreds of books on desktop; rather than carrying hundreds of books to school colleges.

> Internet is quicker to access, specific information can be downloaded immediately instead of waiting for printed books.

> Internet are more easily updated & upgraded. Information changes rapidly today, books on many subjects can became outdated but internet remains updated.

> Internet usually gets far more than just book. Internet have related websites or information on topic/subjects being searched for and books do not have this.

> Internet takes up less space. Instead of having library at your places, thousands of books in computer can be stored.

> References are available on internet. Easy link to the website and other references are available with each search on internet. Only clicking navigates to other references on same topic.

> This is an emerging technology era but people are often slow to change. However as internet grows people are attracted towards reading on internet than reading hard forms of books.

About the author

Amna Abbas

Enthusiastic writer with Master in Business Administration from University of the Central Punjab. She has been working with Human Resource Consultant Companies in Telecom sector and Food industries on National and International levels. Currently studying Multimedia Design Course.


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  • Books still are better sources for gaining knowledge.. but Amna is right on her various points that internet has revolutionized the world. and digitalized world has more attraction than manual books

  • though internet has revoutionalized the world but even then we cannot deny the importance of books..cz books are the most authentic source of information..

    v cannot read a whole book on the laptop screen..atleast not me..eyes get ache..so for me manual books are still our need..

  • I myself still prefer books for gaining knowledge and internet for me has revolutionized the information world rather than knowledge and played the major part in converting this mass world into ‘Global Village’.

    • yesterday my 6 years old cousin bought several children books and i got a chance after several months to buy few too. so bought “Ghost Wars” by Steve Coll and few novels. wish could get time to finish them.. since i am sticking too much too internet..