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Is Quality Education for only rich in Pakistan?

Quoting Aristotle, “Education is the preparation of the body and soul of life” It is truism that education is third eye of human being and enlighten them. Education is pillar for economic growth in any country. Education is more important than anything on this earth thus realizing, many nations adopted education as weapon rather than traditional weaponaries. These nations left all those luxurious and destructive activities which might have turned these to ashes. Their growth is denoted to the Education. Rest of the nations are now following their suit and somehow submissive to their growth

In fourteenth and fifteenth centuries Europe introduced the term of renaissance – Revival of knowledge. This movement was started in Italy by some great scholars such as Dante, Petrarch etc. They changed the shape of whole Europe through renaissance. They established learning institutions not for profit but only for imparting knowledge to common people. The old Greek manuscripts were translated in indigenous languages. People were coming in these institutions to learn from every nook and corner of the Europe. After that Europeans found the truth of life, they also understood humanism, which means man’s concern with himself as an object of contemplation. The majority of learners were from unprivileged class. So, it was a real education that was accessible to common people.

Whenever it comes to Pakistan word Unfortunately is the one with what we usually start our sentence thus, we had not got such atmosphere which might have strength to change lives. Our education system has been politicized like any other segment of life in Pakistan is being suffered. After decentralization; significant growth in private sector was noticed in Private schooling. Private schools are segregated into two types: high quality schools on bases of their quality education and facilities available; are accessible only to the elite and low quality schools with poor facilities are meant for a wider section of the population. Poor can only aspire to study in schools where education quality is better than those where this vast majority usually is studying. The thing is that education has been commercialized, so quality education is only restricted to rich people. Majority in Pakistan is living in poverty with low per capta income and unsustainable economical conditions; when they are struggling for their livelihood education becomes far from their desire.

Performance of the Public Sector schools is very poor; it is an established fact, children go to schools regularly but do not learn anything that help them in future. In fact, public schools teachers having qualification of M.A 90% while private schools teachers 4% M.A. In spite of this, public schools are not qualitative. This all responsibility lies on government which are not paying any heed to this issue.

According to a survey conducted by the department of Sindh and Punjab provinces in 1998, some 700 primary and secondary schools and 8,000 teachers were found “ ghost” in Punjab and 340 schools and 7,000 teachers in Sindh. On other hand, it is harmful for those children who belong to lower families, and they are also yearning to see their teachers once in a week. To see this condition of public schools, some poor parents dare to take admission their children in private schools. But unfortunately, expenses of private schools compel them to drop out children and again they admit in ghost schools.

Therefore, public schools and private schools are offering same things as one is ghost and other money maker. Many feel that private institution of education merely serve as “cram schools” to prepare students for board exams, rarely providing quality education and opportunities for intellectual growth. One thing is also notable that private school owners are exploiting teachers by giving them low salaries, thus there is requirement to bring regulation in this sector.

Now our Government should take some steps to improve education sector, because quality education is a remedy of all the problems. Other wise, our youth will get attracted towards extremists, because it is too easier for extremists to divert minds of youth. However if same youth; provided with good education, would help them make good citizens and act as a custodian of the constitution and law. So it is responsibility of Government to introduce such policies where as provision of quality education made accessible equally to everyone. Let us sow some seeds of renaissance in our beloved country which is becoming a victim of dangerous termites.

About the author

Mukhtiar Kapri

Mukhtiar Kapri; young writer with Master Degree in English literature and International Relations. He has been writing on social issues for different websites and magazines. He has vast experience of working with NGO’s focusing on promotion of education, advocacy and governance eradication of poverty and community development. He aspires to bring Renaissance through his words.


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  • It might be a good idea to set up schools in which teaching is done remotely from the US, one can run a school with just a computer that supports video conferercing tech and voila.

  • plz for GOD SAKE tehsil tamboo k students k lye kuch funds ka intizam karen for education. the students r willing to study but lack of fee they cant get education after matric. plzzzzzzzzz do ssomething Pakistan government.