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English Complex

Times have changed a lot since the 21st century begun. These days English as a language has become the status symbol for many. I have been reading articles and blog’s from 2 -3 years and what I have observed is that the writers / authors have a complex or dilemma about this language of trying to keep it hard and complex by using difficult vocabulary.

What is the basic purpose to write an article? Obviously it has to be read and understood by masses so that instead of a single mind; thousands start brainstorming on it and new ideas and concepts are discussed. I have to admit to the fact that in Pakistan only limited people have high command over this language and it is not language of common people. So why don’t we write our pieces with simple readable and understandable vocabulary that can convey our message to the masses. Naming few NFP, Fasi Zaka and many others, does using complex language in their articles give them more clicks? Or are they writing it for a specific bunch of people?

We have seen a big growth in Music industry in recent years; our pop music flourished by all means in a decade; thus a need for more tv and radio music channels was felt. PEMRA licensed several music channels however switching these channels everyday it can easily be noticed that DJ, VJ and Host communicating with the audience and viewers in ‘Urdu’ – Either they use English or Bilingual. Why? Are we ashamed of speaking Urdu? Similarly there is no more ‘Shalwar kameez culture’ and the so called ‘Dupatta trend’ anymore in the female elite. It’s all old and doesn’t go with the ‘English Image’. Because communications usually are in cultural paraphernalia.

‘Yaar you know my Urdu isn’t that good’ – that is a very common sentence I hear every now and then between the specific upper class particularly in metropolitans. And they think as if talking in ‘Urdu’ is some what not classy and doesn’t go with their Image. It is all about the ‘English Complex’ which defines their Status in society.

Our Nation is lost and tangled in this dilemma. We are very loosing our culture, ethics and lifestyle. Adopting the western culture is not the solution to the problems. Nations loosing the cultural, social and moral values are soon destroyed and forgotten. History has reminded us about it time and time again. It is better to think on it and start re-introducing our culture and identity in ourselves so we can be remembered as Pakistanis.

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Mohammad Shoaib Ishaq

Mohammad Shoaib Ishaq. An Electronics Engineer, Social and Youth Activist, Freelance writer, Music and Sport Freak, looking forward for further studies and continue writing as career.


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