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Let Celebrate this Eid-ul-Fitr for 18 Millions in Water

Eid-ul-fitr is marked as day of festivity symbolizing joy and happiness for Muslims. It is celebrated with religious fervent and enthusiasm at the end of Arabic month Ramadan. The happiness and joyous element is visible in everyone’s tone and behaviours within families, neighborhoods and communities across Muslim Ummah. Regardless of young or old, boys or girls, aspires to celebrate this occasion with great pump and show.

Several activities are planned to make this eve unforgetable for each other. Thus Like all other Muslim countries, people of Pakistan were expecting to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr with same jubilation. Kids waiting for their Eidi, elders cheering while distributing Eidi to them, women cooking traditional foods, visiting relatives, exchanging gifts, distributing sweets, eating sweet vermicelli(Sheer Khurma), new clothes new shoe, Hinna, Namaz-e-Eid in huge congregations, wishing Eid Mubarak after hugging thrice, Parks and movies last but not the least sharing their pleasures with poor and needy people. An ambiance of unbound love, frangrances of pleasures, a display of harmony and tranquility are the characteristics of this year’s Eid.

But this year no joy, no love, no happiness and no enthusiasm will mark the Eid’s traditional and religious fervent. Tears will be rolling on cheeks, hunger and quest for clean water, shabby cloths, homeless and shelterless, weary dark faces trying to bear the losses of their beloved ones and assets, smoldering hearts, losing hopes and kids fighting with diseases, pregnant women thinking about the future of their kids who yet have not seen the face of the sun. Just looking into sky for the nature’s help, praying for their miseries to get over sooner as unanticipated problems surrounded them in shape of flood snatching their livelihood. FLOOD biggest ever crises in human history that effected almost 2 Million Pakistanis. Flood took every thing leaving them on mercy of rest of the world.

Maurizio Giuliano, spokesman for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, told The Associated Press.

”It looks like the number of people affected in this crisis is higher than the Haiti earthquake, the tsunami or the Pakistan earthquake, and if the toll is as high as the one given by the government, it’s higher than the three of them combined,”

In these times of trial, Government of Pakistan besides United Nations, Islamic countries, European and American Countries are actively working to help these flood affectees. Overseas Pakistanis are contributing more than they can do yet this help seems insufficient to remove the stains of miseries from memories of the flood victims.  The financial aid being given to Pakistan is not suffice admitted by Angelina Jolie, a famous Hollywood actress, and a goodwill ambassador of UN refugee agency even by the the UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon. Regardless of the image western media has promoted about Pakistan people are helping though not to certain levels but they are doing whatever they can. Angelina Jolie called on Tuesday for constant and long term assistance for Pakistan to cope this situation. She marked it as an “extraordinary complex situation”. Where People of Pakistan are not going through physical but mental trauma that is also needed to be addressed.

Being Pakistanis (In Pakistan and abroad) it is over moral, religious and social responsibility to go rise above our own-selves to empthize the problems of these victims. As for “Eisaar”(Sacrifice of our brothers we can cut our parties, new dresses and celebrations.. Lets share their worries and give our Eidi to children suffering and are waiting for the same festive or probably a shelter or some food to survive. Pakistanis sitting in sofas watching the destruction on tv sets and discussing what to give and what not to give — Come out of homes and go to the areas hit by severe floods… Overseas Pakistanis empty your pockets and donate as much as you can.. we have to prove the world we can do it by ourselves too..

Your presence in shape of your eidis will bring a single smile on faces of flood victims.. And only one smile will make you proud that you have done your job towards your country… Lets join hand to bring Pakistan out of Waters.

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