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The Daughter of East, Taxila and Indus, Benazir Bhutto


I am daughter of Indus, I am daughter of Taxila, I am an heir of this 5000 years old civilization, the Benazir Bhutto who had lived and died for the well being of her beloved country Pakistan, had introduced herself. Benazir Bhutto was a strange leader; she became myth in her life like her assassinated in limitable father Z.A Bhutto. She was the most loved leader of the century and became the symbol of resistance, her politics merged with pain and love. She had faced every difficulty but had not bow before dictator Zia. She gave her life but could not keep herself away from the people of Pakistan. When the daughter of East, Indus and Taxila and the Queen of Tribal was killed in Rawalpindi, we understood who she was: ritualistic chest beating started in Parachinar, Kashmir, Northern areas and spread all over the world. Parachinar was on fire those days because of ongoing Zia given sectarian clashes who had lost thousand of lives. They had forgot their grieves and had wept for Benazir. The grief and reaction was exotic, from small villages and goths from Jam pur, Bhakkhar, Ghotki, Chagi, Qalat, Waziristan, kurram. Benazir Bhutto was a courageous and determined leader with a charming and highly intelligence, who was strong-willed in her ambition to bring democracy to her country and alleviate the suffering of the poor. She was a citizen of the world, an international leader, spirit of democracy and hope of future. Benazir was multi-talented leader that is not replaceable. She had loved the people of Pakistan in its true meanings. She was called Queen of Tribal in a grand Jirga by Pakistan Tribal area elders because she was the only leader who loved the people of tribal areas. She after her father is first who had visited Pakistan backward tribal areas as Prime Minster of Pakistan. Z. A. Bhutto in his speech at Parachinar had praised the beauty, talent and fertile lands of Parachinar and promised: “I will make Parachinar a piece of Heaven“.

Afterwards, the Zia regime gave the region a culture of war and terror and sectarianism. He pushed this beautiful area through ongoing sectarian clashes. From the time of Zia’s regime till now, thousands of people from both sides have lost their lives, many becoming homeless and disabled while in past the people had been living there with love, peace, affection and mutual understanding and respect since centuries.

Such black days ended when the golden days of Benazir Bhutto came. She as prime minister visited Parachinar, had women colleges opened and promised that she would improve the living standard of the people of this area. The unemployed were given jobs, roads were paved and extended, and a broadcasting station was opened and many more things were done. The words of Z.A Bhutto had repeated by her daughter there “I will make Parachinar a piece of heaven”.

Z.A Bhutto had opened Degree College for Men there and Benazir Bhutto had opened Degree College for Women there. Z.A Bhutto had opened Agency HQ hospital and Benazir upgraded it. For the elevation of poverty the unemployed were given job, sent abroad and for the upgrading of society schools and colleges had opened.

Benazir Bhutto was a true leader who had loved the people of Pakistan in very true meaning. She was above vested interests and had never played the politics of any specific region, language or province. For her all were same and of equal importance. Today when Pakistan is surrounding by multi problems and enemies are trying to declare Pakistan as a terrorist country but the slain leader Benazir brought a good image to Pakistan when UN conferred its top award on Benazir posthumously in recognition of her courageous struggle for restoration of democracy in Pakistan and for promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms. She was great messenger of democracy and peace. Benazir was determined regardless of the risks to her life to return as she believed Pakistan had a great future and she considered she had a major contribution to make in shaping a better future for her country. Today democracy is on its right track in Pakistan and a public government under the leadership of Asif Ali Zaradari is trying to its best to fulfill all the dreams of Z.A Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto Shaheed. These all are because of the sacrifices made by Benazir Bhutto for the restoration of democracy and for the well being of this country.
Benazir departed forever but she will live in our hearts forever.
May Allah rest her soul in piece..



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