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US intervention in Pakistan affairs, intolerable: Analyst

ISLAMABAD: Dr. Syed Qandil Abbas, Professor of International Relations in International Islamic University on Saturday said that the US intervention in Pakistan internal affairs was intolerable. Talking to IRNA, he said that Pakistan is a sovereign state and fully capable to run its own affairs.

Expressing his views over the military operation in northwestern district of Swat, Syed Qandil Abbas said that there is a very complex situation in swat, the government had tried all peaceful methods to restore peace in the troubled area, however, the situation instead of improving started worsening.

He opined that military operation was carried out as a last option though it had displaced the people of the area. He was of the view that what actually US is doing in Pakistan is just to keep the government under pressure and wants to convey a message to the other countries of the region such as Iran and China that it can intervene in the internal affairs of any country to establish its unilateral system.

Commenting on the drone attacks led by US on Pakistani soil Qandil Abbas said that these attacks are against the sovereignty of Pakistan. He said the government of Pakistan has been opposing these attacks and the public opinion has also turned against them.

“These attacks have increased the anti American sentiments among the Pakistani people” he said. Syed Qandil Abbas, viewed that Iranian Islamic Revolution is a source of inspiration for Muslim Ummah and has triggered many Islamic movements around the world.

He said that the spread of Islam is unacceptable for the US and that is why it is trying to portray a dark image of Islam. “If you see closely you will come to know that US has been following only one agenda in Iraq, Iran, Palestine and Pakistan, they only want to establish unilateral system in the world”, added Syed Qandil Abbas. “However in my opinion US is not successful in accomplishing its designs and is in a difficult situation”, he opined. NNI

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