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Pakistan-China commit to comprehensively upgrade Strategic Partnership

BEIJING: Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir visited Beijing for the third round of Pakistan-China Strategic Dialogue held on 12-14 May 2009. The Foreign Secretary has had extensive interaction with the Chinese side, including separate meetings with State Councillor, Foreign Minister, Vice Foreign Minister and Assistant Foreign Ministers. The entire spectrum of bilateral relations was reviewed and views were exchanged on all regional and international issues of common interest.

The Foreign Secretary conveyed the cordial greetings of Pakistani leaders to the Chinese leadership as well as special message from Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani for Premier Wen Jiabao. The Chinese side noted that President Zardari’s three visits to China within a short span of time since taking office were testament to Pakistan’s strong commitment to the advancement of Pakistan-China relations.

During the Strategic Dialogue, both sides emphasized the deep-rooted and abiding nature of the Pakistan-China relationship serving the fundamental interests of the two peoples and the cause of peace and stability in the region and beyond. It was stressed that the security and stability of Pakistan and China was intertwined and indivisible.

China affirmed strong support for Pakistan’s efforts to advance its core national objectives of security and economic development. China expressed full confidence in the national efforts of the leadership, state institutions, and people of Pakistan to address and overcome the challenges of militancy, terrorism and extremism. In the context of defeating the forces inimical to Pakistan’s security and social stability, China conveyed the commitment to further reinforce its political, moral and material support to Pakistan. China expressed full support for Pakistan’s efforts to safeguard its sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Pakistan.

The two sides agreed to deepen and broaden the Pakistan-China Strategic Partnership in all aspects. They decided to undertake comprehensive and coordinated efforts to promote region-wide peace, security and stability and reiterated their determination to optimally utilize complementarities for the realization of the vision of common development and shared prosperity. They noted with satisfaction the growth in bilateral trade and economic cooperation through mega projects and agreed to identify pragmatic ways to intensify these bonds. China conveyed renewed assurances of continued support to the process of economic development of Pakistan.

The Foreign Secretary conveyed deep appreciation for China’s prompt action in extending emergency relief assistance to Pakistan to meet the needs of the internally displaced people. As part of the Strategic Dialogue, the two sides also covered a broad range of regional and international issues including situation in Afghanistan, South Asia, global financial crisis, disarmament, cooperation in international fora, and the UN.

It was agreed to further pursue the process of close consultations and cooperation on all areas of common interest at the regional and global planes. The Foreign Secretary also met with Chairman of Board of the China Development Bank Mr. Chen Yuan. He also had interface with the Chinese think-tank community and met separately with the members of the China Institute of International Strategic Studies (CIISS) and the China People’s Institute of International Affairs (CPIFA).

The Foreign Secretary’s delegation included Vice Chief of General Staff Major General Waheed Arshad and senior security representatives, officials from the bilateral and multilateral Divisions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and members of the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing. NNI

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