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Hameed Gul asks nation to support army

WAH CANTT: Former chief of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), Lt. General (Rtd) Hameed Gul has asked the nation to support Pak Army against the terrorist sent by the enemies in tribal areas. He said this during his interview with NNI on Friday adding that the whole nation should strengthen their nerves while keeping aside all the internal hostilities for winning the war against terrorists.

“Enemies of the country have established more than 50 centers to recruit terrorists on daily basis and then send them to different cities of the country”, he said. Hameed Gul said the US is providing weapons to Taliban to weaken the country but the world will see its fate like the former USSR who had done the same job by motivating anti-Pakistan elements in the tribal areas.

He said the nation will thwart the nefarious designs of the enemies by giving support to Pak Army. “Our nation is one of the brave nations in the world while armed forces are the best of the world. It is hard to fight with Pak Army”, he said. “Some people said that my life is in danger and I need to keep security for myself. I say that life and death is in the hand of Allah and death comes on time fixed by God”, Gul said.
He said that he was satisfied with his past and worked to please Allah as well as in the best interest of the country and nation. NNI

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