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Friday, June 25, 2021

Afghan migrants exploiting the situation at IDPS camps

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NOWSHERA: Afghan migrants are registering themselves as IDPs in relief camps, arranged by govt at Sawabi, Mardan, Nowshera and other places. According to a survey, internally displaced persons of buner, swat and lower dir are complaining of afghan migrants, who are taking full advantage of the military operation at swat and its adjacent areas.There is no proper arrangement of registration at relief camps, thousands of people are lying there unregistered.

Untrained staff and unorganized volunteers are unable to differentiate between the Pakistani nationals and afghan nationals. They are registering Afghans migrants as IDPs and distributing tents and food stuff among them. An IDP, Mr. Shahnawaz Khan said, “I am from swat and lying in camp with 11 members of my family, but the local amateur administration is registering afghan migrants not us”.

“We have to stand for hours in a queue for registration and food in this scorching heat, there is no proper arrangement of anything in these relief camps”. Said, Mrs. Jahan Khan and Mrs. Gul Khan. IDPs demanded of the govt to send afghan migrants back to their country, Afghanistan and ensure their early and fool proof registration and provide basic facilities to relief camps. NNI

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