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Friday, June 25, 2021

The Biggest Displacement of our History Awaits Our Response

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Three and a half years ago we had the most disastrous natural calamity. 73000 people were reported to have died and millions displaced. At a time when the nation was shattered and mourns were in the air all around, my nation responded to the calamity as huge and united as the calamity itself was. I feel really proud to have said my nation. I feel the power of those words when I actually say them and remember those times.

Today we are again at a stage where we are experiencing the worst possible times of our history. In these 62 years of our independence the nation has seen a lot. There we times when we were absolutely shattered and the anti Pakistan slogans were all over the place, than there were times when we lost the half of our country and were almost on the edge of losing the other half too but the nation stood fast. They had a leader to lead them, guide them and rescue them by than. Mr. Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto the leader of the masses was a real gem that we lost but he changed everything around him. He gave the dieing nation a new hope and a new vision and a dream that Pakistan can be the leader of the Muslim World. We had the potential but all that we were lacking was the awareness and believe in ourselves and Mr. Bhutto was the one who ignited the fire power hidden inside us.

A nation half cut than went on to became the first ever Islamic atomic power of the world; than we had our good times, when the slogans all around were of Pakistan Zindaabad. Pakistanis as a nation have gone through a lot. But in response we have shown the world too that with such limited resources even, what we are capable off. Our faith in ourselves and believe in the fact that only Almighty Allah has the power in the universe to make impossible possible. But remember “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves.” In October 2005, when we had that shattering earth quack, the nation stood united. Every single one of us was determined to stand up and bear the load on our shoulders to help our brothers and sisters in the effected areas rebuild their life again. The world saw it all happen. From every single corner of the country the help arrived, the people arrived as volunteers. Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, Engineers and people from every walk of the life came to help.

Today as I write these words I want you all the please stand up again. The time has challenged us again. We are at war today; a war that we are fighting for our survival, war that is important for our integrity and stability. We as a nation are up against the wildness of the nature again. We are experiencing one of the biggest displacements of our history. Our brothers and sisters in the area of war are having extreme difficulties in surviving. The number of refugees is so big that no provincial or federal government without the help of the people can achieve the goal of rescuing them and providing them the basic needs of life as long as they don’t get back to their respective homes safely. Below here I am attaching a few pictures courtesy to the different media sources around the globe, see them and try and understand a feel the pain they are going through.

Stay United. Stay Safe. Come together and help our bothers and sisters. They are looking towards us and the governing authorities. In a time like this, forget everything else just come together and help them as much as possible because together we can and we will defeat all our difficulties and challenges and survive as victors as always.

Proud to be a Pakistani

May God Bless Pakistan

(No Hard Words No Harsh Feelings for No one at All.)

Pakistan Zindaabad.

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