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Musharraf disintegrated Hurriat Conference

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LAHORE: Former Foreign Secretary, Riaz Khokar on Tuesday disclosed that Musharraf had disintegrated Huriiat Conference in Occupied Kashmir to install a puppet leader like Hamid Karzai. Addressing a seminar organized by Ideology of Pakistan Trust here on Tuesday, he said former President evolved a formula for the resolution of Kashmir issue which was child- brain of one or two persons.

On this occasion, renowned journalist Majeed Nizami and Central Leader of PML-Q, Mehnaz Rafi and other were also present. About the country nuclear assets, he said nuclear program was not under the control of civilian government but it is control by secret services and there is no need to fear about the security of the program.

He said Pakistan’s nuclear program was trust of the nation and its credit goes to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Shaheed. He said the government had decided to include India in Pak-Afghan transit trade which is very dangerous. Riaz Khokar said he was supporting Pak-India better ties but the national interest should not be ignored at any cost. “Pak army and secret agencies are strongly opposing this step”, he said.

“President Zardari says that Pakistan has no threat from India then he should explain it before the nation how the country has no threat from India as it is our enemy since the independence of the country”, he said. About Pak-US relations, he said the US was not the friend of Pakistan as it wants bloodshed and to capture country’s nuclear assets.

He further said US wants to shift Afghan war to Pakistan’s tribal area in order to get rid of the danger it faces in Afghanistan from several years. Riaz Khokar said Pakistan will not get any advantage of Pak-Afghan joint force but it will also be use for the US interest. NNI

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