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US responsible for extremism not religious seminaries: Sajid Mir


LAHORE: Central leader Jamiat-e-Hadith Pakistan, Allama Sajid Mir has asked President Zardari to think about himself instead of religious seminaries. He was addressing a reception hosted in honour of Maulana Abdullah Nisar and Maulana Yasin Baloch who joined Jamiat-e-Hadith here on Sunday. “If religious seminaries were teased to get the US aid then we will fully resist it”, he said.

Sajid Mir said religious seminaries were not causing extremism but it is the US which spread extremism. He said there is no Madrassa in the country where militancy and extremism was taught and they would make a strategy in this regard.

He said US government dictated President Zardari and Hamid Karzai to act like their puppets whereas Zardari was an elected President and it would be better to take the nation and the Parliament into confidence before his departure. Sajid Mir expressed his sorrow over President Zardari’s silence on drone attacks in Pakistan.

He said military operation in Malakand would increase militancy and use of force is not the solution of the problem. Regarding curriculum of religious seminaries, he said we are teaching religious subjects and more subjects can not be added in the syllabus. He said these institutions are established for specialization in religious education and can’t produce Doctors or Engineers.

Professor Sajid Mir said religious based degree holders can’t get service in government departments and on the other hand the government itself making propaganda that they can’t absorb these students. NNI



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